Magic Origins Archetypes – Allied Colors

Magic Origins is full to the brim with awesome buildarounds, powerful rares, and unique cards which promise a lot of inspired deckbuilding. There’s a ton going on here with Magic Origins, since it’s the first time since the creation of the modern core set that one has been used to introduce new mechanics, and many of the cards look to be powerful but pretty deck dependent, which will hopefully make for a strong draft environment with many fun and balanced archetypes.



White’s renown creatures like Topan Freeblade or War Oracle have fantastic base power and toughness, and end up way above the curve when renowned. I’m excited to pair both Enshrouding Mist and Knightly Valor with the renowned creatures to help enable them, and blue also supports that theme with tempo spells such as Anchor to the Aether or Disperse. Anointer of Champions continues that trend as a consistent enabler, and looks to be a powerful creature I would try to pick up early in the draft. If the early onslaught fails, blue is ripe with fliers, and Thunderclap Wyvern helps confirm that UW skies is a likely direction for this color pair.

Card I’m most excited about: Totem-Guide Hartebeest.

That was one of my favorite cards to draft in Rise of the Eldrazi draft, and although I can’t pull off the mean combo with Lust for War anymore, I can find Claustrophobia to lock down a creature while Hartebeest gums up the ground.



This color pair looks to be a classic midrange draft strategy. There are some efficient creatures, more notably in black, accompanied with a plethora of tricks and removal to play along the way. In a slightly slower deck Nivix Barrier looks like it can gain back a lot of lost tempo, and Skaab Goliath is a solid finisher. Cruel Revival will be great in any black deck but gets even better with the blue zombies, and the black removal combines nicely with the new and improved Scroll Thief, Jhessian Thief.

Card I’m most excited about: Sphinx’s Tutelage

Without playing the set I’m unsure whether this card is even playable, but it looks like the most fun you can have with a win condition. The looting effect gives a real benefit later in the game, though that might not be enough to make it worth playing an enchantment that has no effect on the board. That being said, I’m certainly going to try it out. Time to draft some Returned Centaurs to block with in the meantime (and maybe mill the last cards from the opponent)!



Every time I see Act of Treason printed I now look to see if there are any sacrifice outlets. This time around we do have quite a few, including Nantuko Husk which has just been a pretty solid creature every time it’s been printed. These cards also get to work nicely with Dragon Fodder which is back this time with its original artwork. The red and black creatures are mostly cheap, which makes for a nice early curve-out followed by removal spells, a strategy as old as time that should work just as well now.

Card I’m most excited about: Macabre Waltz

This card works a bit like Tormenting Voice to prevent late-game flood except you know the two cards you’re drawing. There are some strong enters-the-battlefield creatures in red and black to keep the pressure on moving into the late game which can make this card even better.



This color pair is all about big monsters while clearing the way with burn spells. The red creatures are almost all worse than green creatures when compared to one another, though the few renown creatures in red do get helped quite a bit from the various pump spells in green. There are some truly massive creatures this time around like Skysnare Spider, and Rhox Maulers, and even a decent removal spell in Wild Instincts.

Card I’m most excited about: Undercity Troll

This guy is just pure efficiency; what’s not to love!?! This guy can never be stopped in a game about medium-sized-creature combat, and while it doesn’t look as broken as Cudgel Troll, it is a 2-drop, which gives it a lot of flexibility.



It’s time to go to renown town. Everything I mentioned about pump tricks earlier is still true, but this color combination really turns up the heat on that theme. Even Citadel Castellan, the GW gold card, has renown. GW is all about attacking early and often which means pump spells will turn into virtual removal spells while the opponent tries to block each renown creature before it grows out of control. I’m excited for this deck because it’s a slightly different angle on what GW is trying to do, since now you have to do a bit more work for the giant creature payoff.

Card I’m most excited about: Kytheon’s Tactics

Some games your opponent is going to unfortunately stop the onslaught of renown creatures. The game slowly slips away until Kytheon’s Tactics is cast and a horde of small unrenowned creatures can now attack for a ton, and either eat a creature or become renowned!

That’s all I have for you today. Join me next week when I cover the enemy colors. Magic Origins looks like a blast to play!

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