Magic Carols

Hi everyone! This week, I’ve decided to have some fun with the Christmas season. I took some popular Christmas Carols, and repurposed them for Magic. I’d recommend loading up a video of the song to get the most out of it, but feel free to enjoy however you please.

The Combo Song (To the tune of “The Christmas Song [Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire]”)

Reckoner targeted with a Harvest Pyre,
Emrakul being Sneak and Showed,
Fluctuator free cycling Polluted Mire,
Or using Recycle to reload,

Everybody has their favorite Magic combo,
Helps to make them smile wide,
Glimpse of Nature with a Cloudstone Curio,
Will make it hard to lose tonight,

Time Vault and Voltaic Key on the play,
Illusions/Donate, and soon they can’t pay,
Channel/Fireball and they die,
Reanimate Griselbrand and you might make them cry,

And so I’m offering these simple plays,
To win as early as turn two,
All these decks have been played mana times, many ways,
So good luck combo’ing, to you.

Drafting (To the tune of “Silver Bells”)

Chained to the Rhox, Titanic Bulvox,
Exiled for a while,
Grizzly Bears,
That are fearing
Quack Sickness,
Gamers drafting,
People passing,
Taking Sphinx of Jwar Isle,
And at every draft table you’ll hear:

Counterspells, Huntmaster of the Fells”
“I can’t believe, I got Jitte
Ghostly Wings, Brimaz, the King,”
soon it will be time to play,

Colossal Might,
And a Pit Fight,
They are both red and green,
And opponents rush
To find ways to save their creatures,

See 2/2s munched,
By Simian Grunts
Then pay echo 2G,
And at the draft tables
You’ll hear
“Counterspells, Huntmaster of the Fells”
“I can’t believe, I got Jitte”
“Ghostly Wings, Brimaz, the King,”
soon it will be time to play.

Bile Blight, Holy Light (to the tune of “Silent Night”)

Bile Blight, Holy Light,
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite,
Phyrexian Purge and Rank and File,
Great in games, with Elves running wild,
The Elvish onslaught will cease,
The Elvish onslaught will cease.

Pursuit of Flight, Roofstalker Wight,
With blue mana, reach the skies,
Or enchant with a Zephid’s Embrace,
To attack an opposing Jace,
Just don’t, have Defend the Hearth.
Just don’t, have Defend the Hearth.

Cadaverous Knight, Zhalfrin Knight,
One is black, one is white,
1/1s that block will be disposed of,
Enchant with Coils of the Medusa,
One can’t have Armor of Thorns,
One can’t have Armor of Thorns.

Tibalt, the Fiend Blooded (to the tune of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”)

You know Elspeth and Nissa and Domri and Sorin,
you know Venser and Vraska and Garruk and Sarkhan,
But do you recall
The worst planeswalker of all?

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
Nobody ever chose,
But if you somehow played it,
You’d probably prefer Storm Crows,
All of the other ‘walkers,
Got plussed and won some games,
Nobody played poor Tibalt,
So he could never make such claims.

Then one random guy named Steve,
Put Tibalt into play,
“Tibalt with your art so nice,
Won’t you join my deck tonight”

But not even Steve could love him,
Because he died on turn three,
Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded,
You’ll go down in history (as the worst)

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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