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  1. I think Hyena Umbra is definitely better than the Kor Line-Slinger. Just slip it onto a Wavewatch early and some decks will just lose. It stops all of their attacks and you get a 7/7 first strike later. It’s really at it’s best in a leveler deck.

  2. By the way, domesticating the Ondu Giant in round one would’ve been a huge mistake. He can still target the Giant with the Battle-rattle, and you would lose Domestication.

  3. Brady: Domestication reads at the end of your turn not any turn. So he would keep the Giant.

  4. Ugh… really unlucky last game against a good opponent — looked to me like correct play from everyone.

  5. Thank you LSV for all the great content. Despite not playing all that much Magic these days, I come here everday in hope of these videos. Great stuff!

  6. It’s nice to see even the pros can make mistakes.. in this case lsv played white.

    Also, ive been drafting a lot of rise and i feel like choosing to be on the draw is wrong. The format is a lot more explosive than it’s given credit for. what does everyone else think?

  7. Bummer about that one. U/W has so much trouble with any one of the invokers. Being forced into it blows!

  8. Sucks that he drew the two cards that could win it for him on that last turn.

    oh well, maybe #11 will be up soon cause it as a short game

  9. K, Luis, i agree with all of your picks ever until now. (overstatement)

    Pack 1: Hartebeest over a much MUCH superior card in Guard Gomezoa.
    Guard Gomezoa is so undervalued and so absurdly good in ANY deck that plays blue. i would slam pick it in the pack.

  10. I almost screamed at the screen when I saw you add lone missionary instead of an 18th land. How greedy can you get? You are playing a LEVELER deck with two Totem-Guide Hartebeest, AND a Sea Gate Oracle, AND two Survival Cache, AND an invoker. I don’t even think it’s possible for you NOT to have something to do with your mana at any point with this deck. Lone Missionary is so sub-par.

    The excuse is that he “enables your two Survival Caches,” but NOT getting mana-screwed enables them much more.

  11. if you played your lone missionary instead of the kor slinger game 1 you could have equiped it with drake umbra pumped it with batte rattle hit for 7 block with your heart beast and battle and fly over for 5 the next turn to win.

  12. I hope I draft in your pods lsv after the comment “stomper cub is almost unplayable” i think you need to take another look at that card, especially paired with almost any equipment or umbra in the format, trample wrecks the format.

  13. would have been nice to get the 2nd teacher. you cant win them all buddy, least you have some more packs to draft with from your last 2 wins=)

    p.s. i love the levelers, i made a casual level deck and it is so much fun to play. would it be tomuch to ask to see some of the casual decks you enjoy playing? and on that note do you even play casual or do those kind of games take you off your game?

    ty for the drafts, these are so much fun to watch and you get so much information for free. you are awsome lsv!!!

  14. Bad beats getting forced into UW levelers without much support. Hope to see more drafts!

  15. @ nate

    I think stomper cub is really only playable in aura gnarlid decks. If you’re in a GX ramp deck then you want to be ramping into bigger threats than Stomper Cub, and in a GB token deck you’d rather play a dread drone and make more tokens to abuse. I find it works fine in Aura Gnarlid decks because it fits with your plan to race, and, as you mentioned, is also a good target for umbras. That all said, I really don’t like the Aura Gnarlid archetype due to the large amount of ways to deal with it. Staggershock/last kiss in response to an umbra, a guard duty/narcolepsy…it is just a very fragile gameplan. Basically, I’m never happy with stomper cub in my deck, because it only fits in the decks I don’t want to draft.

  16. @ coolcreep

    The thing is I always want to draft green. I understand that in this format you always want to pick cards to help you build your deck rather than just taking the “best” card in your color(s). I also agree that the cub is a beating in the aura gnarlid decks, but I am just trying to say that stomper cub is A LOT better than “unplayable” as LSV mentions. Yes vendetta, smite, narcolepsy, heat ray, flame slash and induce despair to some extent all deal with him but if they are using their power house removal spells on your cub then you’re probably in a good position. Green has a lot of power cards that almost all have to be answered. Another thing I would like to mention if you’re playing a G/x ramp style deck, then you’ll most likely have overgrown battlement, growth spasm, nest invader, treespeaker etc to help accel into a cub and leading with an early cub is insane.

  17. I also disagree with the idea that Stomper Cub is basically unplayable. I think that you just have an incredibly narrow view of the format. Stomper Cub is a powerful threat. The thing is, you can only play so many really expensive threats, and it is useful to build up to your battlecruisers by playing relevant threats early on in the game. Your opponent is then forced to use removal on your early threats, which leaves your bigger threats more open to win the game. This is why I love cards like Stomper Cub and Wildheart Invoker in this format. They are great early threats that allow you to put pressure on your opponent. I learn a lot from watching you draft, but I think that you were just wrong when you made that comment.

  18. @ Oraymw

    Thanks for saying what I was trying to say a little bit clearer…. I fail at writing what I am trying to say.

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  20. i didnt understand why u moved into white. guard gomazoa would have been better than the hartbeast imo and you could easily have played U/B levelers too (maybe i would have been greedy and picked up the early cutthroat over an adept).

    stomper cub is unplayable? yes, but only in a U/W leveler deck

  21. I think you all need to listen to all of his drafts carefully as a) things change over time and b) this format seems to be so narrow with its archetypes. For example he recently said the looter was a trap and this time he said it is great. Was he wrong either time?

  22. I’m pretty sure running acceleration into a 5/3 trample for 5 isn’t anyone’s definition of insane. Cub basically trades for a lot of stuff that costs less than it does, at which point you traded tempo for maybe a shock or a lightning bolt to the face. You would much rather be playing an early ramp/fixer or a late game threat instead of some midrange guy that’s easy to trade/remove. Sure you make them run out their removal, but it’s pretty hard to say… vendetta, flame slash or heat ray a crusher or a pelekkka worm. Wildheart invoker isn’t even close to stomper cub in terms of power level; it’s good early, battles well, costs less and has a very relevant ability later. Cub does maybe a third of that. The only thing even remotely similar between those two cards is the fact that they’re creatures, and cost green.

  23. man….that guy got really lucky with a good deck to beat you. Sad times 🙁

    many thanks for the sweet vids, love the duel commentary!

  24. Go back and watch/read/whatever where he says looter is a trap. I can’t remember exactly what was going on, but he gets passed another looter in the next pack and takes it; then he explains what he meant a little more. It IS great, it’s just not always where you want to be.

  25. Does no one like Keening Stone? Given how long games tend to last, I try to play control whenever possible, and there aren’t many finishers that are better. It’s obviously not ideal in an aggressive deck, but it can flat out win a game by itself, and seems at least playable in most decks, and incredible in others.

  26. All this draft videos are sweet especially the ones with your co-host but do you think since it’s standard season you could do 1 or 2 standard queues. Maybe with your Turboland deck. That would be awesome.

  27. When drafting, I was surprised you didn’t hate the Gelatinous Genesis. I found it kind of funny that it was the cause of your downfall in game 3. That thing is nasty man! Oh well, thank you so much for these videos. Hope to seem ore real real soon!

  28. Thank god, magic would really suck, if decks playing Kor Line-Slinger and Guard Duty actually win.
    I guess there might be an excuse for Guard Duty since you had 2 horses but there really is no excuse for playing the Kor.

  29. As someone already said, lone missionary over line slinger could have won you game 1 with 2 more damage in the air. I always tell people that line slinger is very mediocre, as it doesn’t really deal with anything relevant. Might be good against makandu griffin.dec or overgrown battlement.dec. Even then, not so good late.
    I also don’t understand the desire to draw. Imo you want to play first so turn 3 you can level your creatures out of staggershock range. Granted you didn’t get any knights of cliffhaven, but with so many ways to draw cards, you don’t need the extra one, but the tempo would have put you ahead by the vital turn both games you lost. Can anyone explain why drawing is a good idea?

  30. I think its obvious he was slightly exaggerating with the Stomper Cub comment. Its basically unplayable in the best green deck, and if youre green you should try to get the ramp deck. But I like it as a 22nd card in any gnarlid deck, average green decks with a snake umbra and a might or 2, and a lot of times just a complement to somewhat similar bodies like a beastbreaker and invoker.

  31. why would u you use both guard duty and narcolepsy. it was obvious he had something big coming

  32. Situational removal is bad, and smite is very situational. It’s playable, but a lot of the time, it doesn’t kill what you want to kill. Against something like ulamog’s crusher, its great, but against aura gnarlid for example, its a dead card.

  33. With two Survival Caches and a Looter (and 2 Hartebeests, and an Oracle), you really want to play with this deck. You’ll make up the card – you need the mana and tempo.

    I think you win all three games on the play.

  34. LSV you rule so much!
    Yet another draft is just awesome, these videos are the best mtg content on the internet. Really!

  35. I think the real mistake the turn that LSV cast both Narcolepsy and Guard Duty was that he used Narcolepsy on the Wildheart Invoker. Leaving a White open and bluffing Smite for the Invoker may have been better?

  36. LSV,

    I love these videos. It helps make work go by a little bit faster (and even faster still if you get out of the 1st round!). However, I do like the fact that you post up the drafts where you fail out of the 1st round, as it helps to remind me that no matter how good you may draft or how much better you may be over the opponent, even Level 8 mage’s don’t get past the 1st round at times, due to sheer luck on the other guy’s side, or mana-screw, land-flood, etc…

    Still inviting you to come down to Atlanta to SuperGames and see the ol’ Cookie Monster.

  37. why did you play soul’s attendant rather than the outrider, when you were playing levelers?

  38. @ nate

    The problem I see is that there are lot of ways to deal with Stomper Cub without spending a powerhouse removal spell. A flame slash on Cub isn’t eating their removal for a Crusher, and there are plenty of creatures that trade with it anyways. Attacking with it into a predator/hatcher means you traded 2 damage for multiple tokens on their side. In a ramp deck, I am much happier playing either a dread drone or a hatchling, which gives me a relevant body, but also provides me with eldrazi tokens to either ramp into my bigger things, sac to a bloodthrone, get pumped by a broodwarden, etc. Ramp just has a lot to do with 5 mana. That said, if you’re a bit low on playables, stomper cub as a 22nd card is fine.

  39. @snark: Guard gomazoa is good in any ROE deck that is playing islands, though I sincerely hope people believe you since that means more gomazoas for me. To reveal the power level of the gomazoa, consider that it can block the dreaded baneslayer angel all day (and they wont even gain life). Borderline constructed playable card if you ask me. I loved Fog Bank, and gomazoa is even better.

    Re: wildheart invoker vs stomper cub, if they are in the same pack we all know everyone will take the invoker every time, but the point is if you are playing green, you might be able to play BOTH cards. Not to mention if your opponent taps out (and lacks induce despair), slapping any umbra on the cub is a huge beating. In my experience, a lot of games come down to tempo gained or lost by being able to get around/through eldrazi tokens, and as a result, trample is nearly as good as flying. It’s a half decent distortion strike target as well.

  40. You picked the cryptologist over the white invoker. Many decks have no answers whatsoever to the invoker and while the cryptologist was probably better g2 it wasn’t enough better to matter while the white invoker would have won you the game instead of cryptologist g3. Cryptologist is still probably better most of the time though.

  41. This is the first draft where I would have drafted a vastly different deck than you.

  42. Remember how useful a target Outrider would have been for that Drake Umbra. With two Hartebeests, you will get the Umbra if you want it. Vigilance is big on big guys,

  43. And also looking back at the replay, having tristan with you cost u the game as it looked like u wanted to play the missionary but tristan said no and that u could take 7 life, which was wrong and the slinger was completely irrelevant and that time as he could just respond to anything u tap and give it +5/+5. i dont mind tristin but he seems to make u second guess yourself or lead u down the wrong idea/path/plan sometimes.

  44. Outrider is terrible and at best a 22nd or 23rd card. It is a wall, a mana hole and provides no threat whatsoever unles you swing with it 10 times and your opponent is drooling on his graveyard.

    Stomper Cub is horrendous and ONLY is decent when you don’t have good cards like Emrakul’s Hatcher, WildHeart Invoker or any other midrange card that actually does something.

    The only place a Stomper Cub will shine is when you are already ahead in the game or you are playing G/W Umbras. Even then, loading up on 2-4 drops like Nest Invader, Knight of CliffHaven, Kozileks Predator, Aura Gnarlid and any (name random 2-4 drop) is the ideal and attainable way to go.

    Whenever my opponents, IRL or Modo, cast an Ikaril outrider or a Stomper Cub, I jump up and do a Michael Jackson spin because I know I am that much closer to winning.

  45. So many drafts, so little time! I keep waiting for you to crack a vengevine or gideon and go bananas on folks. I appreciate the attempt at UW levelers, it’s a shame you didn’t get any time of heros or drakes – thanks for the fantastic videos!

  46. This draft made me want to vomit…you had plenty of better options during the drafting

  47. @Brain C:
    Outrider in the UW levelers deck is like playing the 1/4 Turtle in M10. You dont expect him to swing for the win. You expect him to be a wall that stops guys and prevents 2 defense guys from attacking. He gets you to the late game where your other level up guys are just so much better than their plays. The fact that he can still attack when the opponent overcommits is gravy.

    Great – No. Better than Lone Missionary – Almost always.

  48. Does anybody else find it entertaining that every time Tristan talks LSV basically says, “No. You’re stupid and everything you’ve ever thought is wrong.”?

  49. What I noticed in the draft was something I had to become aware of as well, namely to be prepared to switch colors if need be. I found that if I can recognize when the other drafters have made a dramatic color shift (say they opened a Drana in pack two) that my draft will go much better. I noticed red was so prominent in pack 2 (staggershock, staggershock, lust for war, fireboar (meh), ulamog’s crusher, emrakul’s hatcher, surreal memoir or battle-rattle, soulsurge, then it kind of dried up until last pick battle-rattle).

    So what I really want to happen in an ideal drafting situation is pick two colors and draft the secondary color second pack and return to the first color third pack. Of course this is unrealistic, but you might have had a stronger U/R aggro deck than an okay U/W levelers deck. I just find that forcing colors works less well than I would like. I’ve tried forcing green a few times and a U/W levelers deck once and they have been disasters. My best deck was a U/B/w levelers deck with Drana, three venerated teachers, a time of heroes, and a training grounds, but I collected all these cards by reading signals – namely first pack getting passed two venerated teachers (passing one myself), and a time of heroes, then 2nd pack getting passed a Drana.

    But…I bow down to the greater players. I got lots to learn.

  50. Ikari Outrider can be great in a true leveller deck. However, the only synergy in this deck is the one Venerated Teacher. If you don’t have enough Venerated Teachers/Time of Heroes/Training Grounds playing too many levellers will be detrimental since you only have so much mana to level them. Just look at the third game where he was nowhere near being able to level his guys even though he didn’t draw that many.

    Stomper Cub is obviously nowhere near unplayable and LSV himself has maindecked it a lot of times as opposed to the really weak creatures like Glory Seeker and Nema Siltlurker. However, since it’s so easy to trade with you are happy to leave him in the sideboard most of the time. No shame in running him as a 18th-22nd card, but most of the time you will have enough playables without him. The problem with putting Auras on him is that it’s such a massive tempo loss if they bounce or kill it. There are situations where you will win the game with an enchanted Stomper Cub, but much more often he will sit in your hand while you play out better spells.

    Also Guard Gomazoa is awesome and Soul’s Attendant is probably better than Lone Missionary in your deck, especially against Gx.

  51. What do you guys think about Tristan? Almost everything he says is way off. There were too many things to go in to detail but honestly, I cringed at every other thing he said. Seems like if you hung out with LSV all the time you would probably be half decent but…

    Is anyone else as annoyed by him as I am?

  52. @ Dan

    Tristan is a very different player and deserves kudos for keeping up the lighter side of MTG. He isn’t as intent on playing competitive Magic as LSV is, and kudos should be given to LSV as well for allowing Tristan to have his voice heard. I know lots of people who play Magic for different reasons. When one of my friends keeps considering playing Kalonian Behemoth in a standard deck, I can’t fault him for it, I just try and see his point and consider what he sees in his choice of card.

  53. PlatypusPlatoon

    LSV: “Oooh, can’t let them get us with Gravity Well.”
    TSG: “I have yet to see anyone been _gotten_ by Gravity Well.”


  54. @ Platypus Platoon,

    GR, GB, GBr, or GRb token decks are the best in the format, and this is in no small part to two cards: leaf arrow and gravity well.

    In my experience the only decks that G/X(/x) tokens has trouble with are mirror matches and u/w. If you find people aren’t passing you staggershocks or flame slashes, but kozilek’s predators and Emrakul’s Hatcher, the 14th pick gravity well actually becomes a bomb out of the sb against u/w. This of course assumes an actual token deck; you need 5+ good token producers.

  55. YEAH, i am totally in love with you and your drafts!

    plz keep on posting them frequently !

    i refresh your page like 10 times a day in hope to reveal a new drafting video :D….

  56. Hi! Thank you, for these draft videos. They are awesome, and i’m learning a lot. I hope you guys continue with M11 drafts.

    Best wishes from Spain!!!!

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