LSV’s Play: The Scry

You are playing against red-green with 3 Khenra Charioteers and little removal that you’ve seen.

The Situation

You’ve already mulliganed to a hand of:

You scry, and your top card is a Swamp.

Do you keep it on top or put it to the bottom? What is your plan for turns 1-3, not knowing what the opponent might play?

There are a few options here, so let’s break them down.

The Options

1) Scry Swamp to the bottom.

This seems excessively greedy. Don’t do this.

2) Scry Swamp to the top.

  • Discard Minotaur on turn 2 to Mummy, with the plan of using Cartouche to find your fourth land for Curator. This gives you a high-upside 4/4, but you get less power into play by playing Cartouche on turn 3 instead of Minotaur. This is also disastrous if you miss on lands and don’t draw other plays.
  • Don’t play Mummy to avoid discarding a good card, and because it’s blanked by a 3/3. This seems too conservative. Sometimes your opponent just won’t have an early play, or even a 3/3, and the Mummy can get a bunch of attacks in. It’s also just spewing off 2 mana in a game where mana is hugely constrained. I wouldn’t advise this.
  • Cycle Curator because you are going to discard it to Mummy anyways, and this at least gives you a different option to discard. This means you don’t need to hit your fourth land to have plays, and lets you go 2-drop into 3-drop into Cartouche.

LSV’s Play

Keep Swamp on top. Play Island and cycle Curator, with the intention of playing Mummy on turn 2 (and discarding whatever I draw unless it’s better than Minotaur/Cartouche, which is unlikely). I then plan on playing Minotaur turn 3, and Cartouche on either Mummy or Minotaur turn 4, depending on what creatures my opponent has played.

What would you do, and why?

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