LSV’s Play – The Burn Mirror

Welcome back to the fiery conclusion of last week’s What’s the Play?

This situation is a pretty funny one, even if it ultimately isn’t that complicated.

The Situation


(Click to engulf.)

My Solution

I thought this was an interesting situation because of how all the Eidolons stack up, though it is ultimately a problem with a solvable (and almost assuredly successful) solution.

As it currently stands, neither player can cast a spell, unless they are running something like Flame Javelin or Stoke the Flames (in which case you lose and can’t really do much about it). I assume the opponent isn’t, and we aren’t either (I would have mentioned it if we were). Given that, the moves are basically forced.

Step 0: The opponent passes the turn (if they attack with either Eidolon, you can trade, in which case move to Step 2).

Step 1: Attack with Eidolon. If your opponent doesn’t block, they don’t have a lethal counterattack, since you can chump with Swiftspear, and then your Eidolon is lethal the following turn. They also can’t just take it, so they are basically obliged to trade Eidolons.

Step 2: After Eidolons trade, cast Rift Bolt on your opponent. There’s only one Eidolon in play at the moment. Your opponent will let the Eidolon’s trigger resolve, taking you to 3 life, then presumably try and burn you out. You then let them take 2 from Eidolon, falling to 1, and cast Skullcrack. Your opponent can’t cast another spell, due to the Eidolon, and you fall to 1 from the trigger before winning.

I’m always on the lookout for more scenarios. The more I get, the more columns I can run, and I’ve been having a great time with these!

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