LSV’s Play – Sealed Fate

Some board situations lend themselves to multiple lines of play, such as the recent one with Thoughtseize. Others, like this one, have a clear path to victory, if you are able to find it. I like having a mix of both in the column, as that is true to what you will experience while playing actual games of Magic.

The Situation

You are playing Splinter Twin, and your opponent is on Amulet Bloom.


(Click to invigorate.)

On your previous turn, you played a Serum Visions, drew a Deceiver Exarch, and put a Lightning Bolt and Sulfur Falls on the top of your library. Then, you attacked him down to 10 with your Snapcaster Mage and Vendilion Clique. Your hand isn’t great: Exarch and 2 Splinter Twins, while your opponent has nothing but an Amulet of Vigor, Azusa, some Plants, and Seal of Primordium.

Your opponent plays a Cavern of Souls on his turn (naming Giant) and casts Primeval Titan (which he topdecked, since you Cliqued him last turn to see a hand full of land—what a lucksack). He searches for a Slayers’ Stronghold and a Boros Garrison, bouncing his Tolaria West in play, gives his Titan haste, and goes to the attack step.

His last card in hand is a Tolaria West, and you have two cards in your graveyard.

My Play

You can’t let the Titan attack, because of Radiant Fountain (plus other bad things), so you need to start by casting Deceiver Exarch to tap the Titan. At the end of the opponent’s turn, shoot them with Grim Lavamancer.

Untap, and draw Lightning Bolt, then Bolt the opponent. Cast Splinter Twin on Vendilion Clique, and make a copy. Choose to keep the copy, putting Clique and Twin into your graveyard.

With the Clique’s ability, put the second Twin on the bottom, and draw Sulfur Falls. Play Sulfur Falls, Grim Lavamancer the opponent, and then attack for lethal with the Clique copy.

This was a cool puzzle, and one takeaway is to always keep in mind what your cards can do, even if it’s outside the realm of what they are normally used for. I cast more Splinter Twins on Snapcaster Mages than Exarchs in the Grand Prix last weekend, and knowing that it is a viable line was very important for me.

I’ll be back soon with another play, and until then, remember that I’m always looking for screenshots (or mockups like this one) of interesting scenarios. Send yours to [email protected], and if I use it in the column, I’ll give you $25 of store credit to ChannelFireball.com!


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