LSV’s Play: Legacy Ad Nauseam

It’s storming time! Here’s the situation from part 1:

The Situation

Today I’ve got a puzzle from a recent Legacy tournament I played in with Ad Nauseam (the deck list isn’t relevant to this situation, but it’s similar to what won GP Prague). The opponent played a Ponder on turn 1, I drew for my turn, and cast Brainstorm. I haven’t put any cards back yet.


The first thing you have to decide in this situation is if you are playing around Force of Will (or Daze, but given the basic Island that’s much less likely). I do not believe you should because you have no way to shuffle, you are Brainstorm locked, and your options aren’t getting much better if you wait. Given that, here’s the line that wins if your opponent doesn’t have a counterspell.

My Play

1) Put back Tendrils of Agony and Brainstorm.

2) Play Lotus Petal, Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Lion’s Eye Diamond (sacrificing Petals for blue and black).

You now have UBBBBB floating, and 7 spells cast.

3) Cast Brainstorm while holding priority. With Brainstorm on the stack, sacrifice Lion’s Eye Diamond for blue mana.

UUUBBBBB floating, 8 spells.

4) Draw Tendrils, Brainstorm, X, put back Tendrils and X.

Cast Brainstorm, drawing Tendrils and X + Y. Put back non-Tendrils cards.

UUBBBBB floating, 9 spells.

5) Cast Tendrils for 10 drills. Win the game.

Have a sweet scenario of your own? If you think you can stump the readers (and me) then send it to [email protected]*, or via Twitter—just send a screenshot @LSV and I’ll be happy to take a look!

*Please keep your answers in the comments below, and not in my email inbox—I love reading through these responses, but I wouldn’t want to lose any good submissions amid the answers. Thanks!

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