LSV’s Play: Infect (Legacy)

You are playing Infect against Death and Taxes, and you know the opponent has Umezawa’s Jitte in hand.

The Situation


There are 2 options here, so let’s break them down.

The Options

1) Cast Brainstorm (paying 2 because of Thalia).

If you draw Invigorate, attack with just Blighted Agent and win. If you draw a fetchland, you can delve for enough to cast Become Immense and win. If you draw a non-fetchland, go to option 2.

2) Attack with both Blighted Agent and Glistener Elf.

If the opponent makes the obvious block of Thalia on Glistener Elf, you win. You let first strike damage resolve, Elf dies, and you now have exactly enough mana and cards in graveyard to delve and play Become Immense on Blighted Agent. It’s a tricky play from the opponent’s side, so there’s a good chance it works, but if they block with Stoneforge Mystic instead, you likely lose to Jitte. Time to cross your fingers!

LSV’s Play

Start with option 1. I like the odds of hitting fetch or Invigorate more than the odds of the opponent blocking wrong. Plus, if you draw a normal land, option 2 is still on the table.

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