Limited Theorycrafting 101 in Strixhaven

As someone whose always dreamed of being whisked away to wizarding school, I’m beyond stoked for the flavor of Strixhaven! Normally I’m not much of a Vorthos, but this set has me excited for more than just solving the puzzle of what’s good in Limited. However, you didn’t sign up for CFBPro to read an article where I gush about how cool the world of Strixhaven is. With that in mind, onwards to the premiere Magic strategy content you are here for! 

Strixhaven has some sweet new mechanics in learn, Lessons, magecraft and ward that you can read about in depth here. In this article, I’ll lay out some of my first thoughts about what could be going on with those cards and mechanics in Strixhaven Limited. More importantly, I intend to lay out why it’s important to spend time theorycrafting about new mechanics and cards before the set is released. Think about this article as enrolling in Theorycrafting 101 at Strixhaven.


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