Legacy Moon Stompy Quick Guide

Last time, I gave you a quick primer on the strategy and matchups for Food Chain. Today, we take a look at one of the fastest rising prison decks in Legacy.

Moon Stompy

litunan2015, MTGO

Moon Stompy has been around for over a decade as people love their Blood Moons. It’s hard to find a better free-win card in the format than Blood Moon, and if anything else comes close it’s probably Chalice of the Void. This deck gets to play 8 Moon effects and 4 Chalices, and with the recent upgrades of Fiery Confluence and Chandra, Torch of Defiance, the deck has enough burn and gas to churn through the deck. It’s also well positioned against the various B/U/G decks of today, and having access to 8 game-winning spells is pretty potent.

The deck is basically just mana acceleration, lock pieces, and threats. In terms of mana acceleration, the full suite of Simian Spirit Guides and Chrome Mox give it the burst it needs to consistently land an early lock piece while even playing through Daze. The lock pieces have been the same for a while, but it’s interesting to note that Leyline of the Void and Ensnaring Bridge find space in the sideboard as they are very good against today’s combo decks. Sulfur Elemental also serves as a pseudo “lock piece” as it is very good against Death and Taxes, which is a difficult matchup.

Finally, in terms of threats and answers, Chandra, Torch of Defiance is the major new innovation. Chandra does everything the deck needs on the top end because it generates card advantage while complementing the suite of Burn. Sin Prodder and Goblin Rabblemaster are surprisingly fast clocks, and both Collective Defiance and Fiery Confluence can kill an opponent out of nowhere.

The key to the deck is to mulligan aggressively and find hands with 1 or more lock pieces. Barring that, a fast Goblin Rabblemaster or Sin Prodder can also steal wins.

Sideboard Guide


This is a pretty good matchup because your lock pieces and Chandra are extremely effective. Even Goblin Rabblemaster can be a nightmare and quickly spiral out of control.

Cards to take out:

Cards to bring in:

You only need Sudden Shock if they play Mentor. You don’t need all of these cards if they are Mentor light.

Delver Decks

Depending on the variant, take out some combination of:

Cards to bring in:

If they are not playing red, you are favored. If they are, then it’s a lot closer.

Show and Tell and Reanimator

Cards to take out:

Cards to bring in:

Very difficult presideboard. Post-board, you bring in much better lock pieces such as Ensnaring Bridge.

If they have Show and Tell, you want Ashen Rider. If they are Reanimator, you want Leyline. Simple stuff! Good news is they have very few ways of winning if you have the right lock piece.

Death and Taxes



Fiery Confluence is your best card as it’s often a 2-for-1. Chalice on 2 is actually better than Chalice on 1 here.




This matchup is almost a bye. You have so many Blood Moons, and you even have access to more hate cards.




This matchup is pretty close. It more or less comes down to whether you can Blood Moon them early enough. They have very little interaction with Blood Moon, and you can usually wrap up a game quickly after landing one. If you don’t have a Blood Moon, their creatures are bigger than yours and you’re probably going to lose.

That’s it for this week! We’ll see if these innovations catch on. I’m hopeful that Amonkhet brings some goodies too. Maybe even some unbans?

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