Legacy Metagame and Deck Lists Galore

I need a topic that is more interesting than talking about what is wrong with Standard for this week. How about how completely buck wild Legacy is?

I hope you ladies and gentlemen like Legacy deck lists because I have got a lot of them to relay today!

There has been a lot going on in Magic over the past 3 weeks and most people’s focus has been on figuring out Standard and Modern. There hasn’t been a ton of ink spent on Legacy yet. There are reasons for this. First, there haven’t been many large Legacy events. Second, I don’t think anybody really has any idea what the heck is even going on!

Control shoots from the Top down to the bottom of the heap.

The banning of Sensei’s Divining Top has left a huge void in the Legacy metagame. I would be hard pressed to come up with another example of a Legacy banning that has ever had such a profound impact on the landscape of the format. Miracles was the best deck for years and put a lot of constraint on what other decks could realistically look like. Now the levee has broken and Legacy is more open than it has been in years.

Enjoy it while it lasts (because it won’t last). In time, the metagame will crystallize once we know what the best decks are.

I was a Miracles guy, and I’m in the same boat as most Legacy players. I’m trying to figure out which deck to latch onto next. I’ve spent the past two evenings digging through post-Miracles tournament results and trying to figure out what the big picture actually looks like. Today’s article is the culmination of what I’ve learned.

Delver at the Top

One of the pieces in play is the emergence of the various Grixis and Sultai decks as the best decks.

Grixis Delver

FT13, 1st place in an MTGO League

It was a pretty safe assumption that the various Delver and blue midrange decks would be good in the new metagame. It also appears to be patently true given the tournament results.

I’ve sifted through all of the Competitive League results on MTGO and basically every single League features a high number of Delver and Sultai decks. In fact, these 2 lists appear to be the most represented decks in the Top 8. They are also the decks that appear to win the most Leagues.

U/R Delver

Responsiblejoseph12, 1st place in an MTGO League

There are obvious differences and nuances between the various blue archetypes. You can see that the first list plays Stifle (which I’ve always liked a lot) whereas the U/R deck loaded up on True-Name Nemesis.

TNN has become insanely popular ever since Reid Duke taught the world a lesson with his Sultai Midrange deck. Anticipate the card becoming even more popular and creative solutions being at a premium. Without Terminus well represented in the format, the card is nearly unkillable and attacks and blocks with impunity.


Malimujo, 2nd place in an MTGO League

I noticed that this particular pilot put up a lot of results with Sultai over the course of the past week, and so I decided to select his latest list.

Once again, Delver of Secrets is a house. The data is obviously incomplete, but at this early juncture I feel confident in saying that various flavors of Delver are king of the mountain in terms of frequency of Top 8 percentage and conversions in Top 8.

My advice? If you are not planning on riding the Delver train in Legacy, pick something that has a favorable matchup against it!

Everybody Must Get Stoneforged

Stoneforge Mystic has also made a real comeback since Top has been gone.

Too Le-Jitte to quit.

Death and Taxes

Bahra, 1st place in an MTGO League

I’m heavily leaning toward becoming a D&T guy. I’ve always enjoyed playing the deck and feel like it is well positioned to beat up on a Delver-heavy metagame. I also enjoy the fact that the deck has built-in insulation against many combo matchups like Reanimator, Sneak and Show, and Storm.

The red splash here is pretty innovative:

Roses are red
Magus is too
Your Trops, Seas, and Tundras
No longer make blue.

I also love the full allotment of Chalice of the Void in these decks to compensate for combo and Delver decks.

“We’ll raise a glass, lift a Chalice
Welcome to Alice’s champagne palace
The finest bar on the strip in Homer, Alaska”

Drinks are on me! Unfortunately, they never resolve. Sometimes a strong defense is the best offense.


Stevvelynx, 1st place in an MTGO League

Don’t worry kids—Tundra is still real.

Stoneforge Mystic is a heck of a card and teaming up with TNN to carry that Jitte is a big game. No surprise to see SFM making a resurgence when the best Tundra deck was banned.

I love the ability to kill Delver or Secrets and be a Duress. Don’t Daze me bro!

Papa Loves Combo/Mama Loves Combo

Combo is still alive and well. No surprise.

Sneak and Show

Johannes Gutbrod, 1st place at MKM Series Frankfurst (437 players)

An oldie but a goodie…

I could basically go back in time 3 years and this is the same deck list. It’s still great. Sneak and Show has seen a renaissance since Top went away because it tends to be good against the random decks that people play when they don’t have to worry about Terminus.

B/R Reanimator

Walter Wolfer, 2nd place at MKS Series Frankfurt

More Griselbrand! If you’re going to combo, do it right.

The Top 8 of the Frankfurt event was stacked with combo and Reanimator is a great choice moving forward. It is a little bit of a glass cannon to graveyard hate but the nut draws are so fast that you’ve got a shot versus anything.


Julian Knab, 4th place at MKS Series Frankfurt

Elves is really well positioned. Miracles was its worst matchup and that deck is gone. Elves also tends to fare really well against Delver decks since they don’t have enough removal or permission to consistently stop the flood.

Natural Order is a big problem for Delver decks since if they ever can’t counter it they will die. I like that the deck can attack from several angles.


Robert Swiecki, 8th place at MKS Series Frankfurt

Storm is another deck that I’d seriously consider playing in the future. The deck is powerful, consistent, and resilient. My biggest issue with the deck is that it is a dog to Delver, which appears to be the most powerful deck.

Storm certainly has the tools to grind through Delver decks but it seems like a lot of trouble. But if this is the type of combo you really enjoy playing, it feels like a fine choice.

Lands are also still a thing. In fact, I think they got better since Miracles went away.


Romariovidal, 7th place in an MTGO League

As a Miracles player, I can tell you for certain that Lands was a great matchup for Miracles. Sure, you could lose, but mostly you didn’t.

Lands is also quite good against the various Delver decks. Punishing Fire and Tabernacle are a big problem for these creature decks.

Delver may be the top dog (at least in theory) but the combo decks are great and can certainly make some noise in Legacy!

Random Bonus Deck Lists

I’m already well over my word limit for the week but here are some of the coolest deck lists I found while scouring the web. I figured the Legacy fans out there might want to take a peek through these for ideas.

Topless Miracles

Moa, 3rd place in an MTGO League

Can’t keep those Miracles down. Is this real? Is Terminus just that good?


Fantasy13, 8th place in an Legacy League

Does no Miracles mean Goblins is back? It pwns Delver, that’s for sure!

Food Chain Griffin

Dalibor Szegho, 3rd place at MKS Series Frankfurt

Food Chain + Griffin = GG.

U/B Standstill

Bmarshall, 3rd place in an MTGO League

Standstill? I like it.

Dragon Stompy

Pinkfrosting, 3rd place in an MTGO League

4x? Pinkfrosting means business. Mad respect.

The deck looks so cool. I want to play it!


EDEL, 5th place in an MTGO League

Last but not least for the week—Jund! The natural predator of the Delver deck and natural prey of the combo deck. Midrange in Legacy? Why not?

Anyway, if you were thinking about complaining about Standard maybe you should consider taking a long look at Legacy! The format looks really wild right now and it could be the perfect time to jump in and play something fun. Just be ready to face off against those Delver and combo decks. Given the high number of “brews” appearing in Top 8s, there is certainly room to innovate and take a pet project for a stroll and do some damage!

Legacy is great.

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