Kozilek’s Return in Modern Jund

What’s happening to Jund in Modern? Why have Jund masters Reid Duke and Brad Nelson abandoned their ship? It’s simply because there’s a better midrange deck now—Abzan with its Lingering Souls. Lingering Souls is a fantastic card that is kind of unbeatable against Grixis Control, GW Hatebears, and Jund that can also destroy Affinity when they don’t draw Etched Champion. Not having Lightning Bolt is of course a big issue, but you just can’t have everything.

Wizards decided that Jund mages can stay, and for Christmas they sent a holiday gift: Kozilek’s Return.


Anger of the Gods has seen some play in the past, mostly because there were many Voice of Resurgences and Kitchen Finks around. But the time of Pod is now over, so there’s not too much worry there.

It was also a great answer for Lingering Souls, a card that is so difficult for Jund to deal with that it’s part of the reason Jund fell off the radar in the first place. This card solves many problems that Jund used to have beyond just Lingering Souls. This is also a big game against Affinity! Because it is an instant-speed spell, it kills Nexuses, which is an issue in the Infect matchup as well, and because it’s colorless it can kill Etched Champion—historically the biggest problem for midrange decks.

Previously I was playing 2 Shatterstorms in the sideboard just to deal with Etched Champions. Abrupt Decay, Kolaghan’s Command, and Ancient Grudge could deal with their other threats, but it was always Etched Champion that was stealing the game. Now things are going to change.

Aside from Affinity, there’s a plethora of Modern decks based on cheap creatures where you are praying for a Pyroclasm effect, like Elves, GW Hatebears, and sometimes Merfolk and Zoo.

You can find your curve clogged at 3 mana between Kitchen Finks, Liliana of the Veil, Kolaghan’s Command, Maelstrom Pulse, and the newcomer Kozilek’s Return, but we can trim something to make room for it.

Of course the biggest change to Modern that Oath of Gatewatch will bring is going to be on the ban list. I don’t want to speculate about what they might ban or unban, I just want to state things as they are, and in the remote case that nothing changes with the next ban list, this deck list will be very good for PT Oath of the Gatewatch:



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