Knight of Autumn Is the Midrange Hero We Need Right Now

Knight of Autumn is going to see play in Eternal formats. I even feel like they purposely avoided making it an Elf or Human. Still, it’s a Knight, and History of Benalia could  mean that we’re going to see a lot of this card in Standard as well.

Despite being kind of a midrange hater, cards like Knight of Autumn warm my heart. Versatile cards are the most fun to play with, especially creatures. They create games where players get to interact with each other and that’s what makes Magic awesome.

Just like most of the exciting cards from Guilds of Ravnica, Knight of Autumn is another card that’s going to mostly impact Eternal formats, specifically Modern. It screams Collected Company.

Let’s get to some deck lists, shall we?

G/W Company

Green-White Company, popularized by Todd Stevens, has always been a sweet deck, but in my opinion it is way too fair and not interactive enough to be a strong choice. A maindeckable version of Reclamation Sage was exactly what the deck needed.

I have not played the deck in months, so feel free to move these numbers around, but the idea is that you can now streamline the deck a bit more.

Now, let’s just hope that Green Sun’s Zenith gets unbanned and this might just be the best Modern deck. Kappa.

Saheeli Evolution

This is another super fun deck that is playable in Modern, but probably needs a bit more consistency to become a valid choice. Adding Knight of Autumn means that you can cut cards like Acidic Slime, Lone Missionary, and Reclamation Sage, which were all clunky and pretty bad in the wrong matchups.

Knight fits well here because you can find it with Militia Bugler, reset it with Felidar Guardian, and use the body with Eldritch Evolution after you get value from the enters-the-battlefield trigger.

I hope that you are as excited as I am to cast this card!


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