Keep or Mulligan?

Hello! Welcome to another edition of Keep or Mulligan. I’m trying a slightly different format this time. I like the discussion generated by What’s the Play, so this week I’ll list the 6 hands in question, and in the comments, tell me what you’d do for each one. On Wednesday (the day before What’s the Play goes up), I’ll break down my solutions for each hand. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

Hand #1

You’re playing Esper Dragons in a post-sideboarded game against Mono-Red. You’re on the draw, your opponent kept 7, and you mulliganed into this hand:

Keep or Mulligan to 5?

Hand #2

You’re playing Modern Splinter Twin, and you’re on the play against an unknown opponent. Your hand is:

Keep or Mulligan?

Hand #3

You’re playing a fast, tempo-oriented UW draft deck, and you’re against a slow, controlling GW deck. You’re on the play, and you mulliganed your 7-card hand into this:

Keep or Mulligan to 5?

Hand #4

You’re playing Esper Dragons in a post-sideboarded game against Mardu Aggro (your opponent has Pain Seer, Seeker of the Way, Crackling Doom, Alesha, Rabblemaster, and no Hero’s Downfall. You sideboarded out all counterspells for a bunch of removal). You’re on the draw, you’ve mulliganed two hands already, and your hand is:

Keep or Mulligan to 4?

Hand #5

You’re playing Show and Tell in Legacy, and you’re against an unknown opponent game 1. You mulligan your first seven on the play, and your 6-card hand is:

Keep or Mulligan to 5?

Hand #6

You’re playing Sidsi Whip, and you’re on the draw game two versus the Bant Megamorph deck. Your opening hand is:

Keep or Mulligan?

Post your solutions in the comments, and let me know why you’d keep or mull.

That’s what I’ve got for today! If you have a hand that you think is interesting and would like to see featured in the coming weeks, just leave it in the comments and I’ll take a look. I haven’t used submissions this week, but I’ll use them next week.

Some conditions:

  • You must be playing a competitive deck, because I want other people to be able to relate and I also don’t have enough experience with all the rogue decks to be able to have an opinion. The format must be Standard, Modern, Legacy, or Limited. If it’s Limited, I’m going to need a good explanation of the deck.
  • You must give me all the relevant information—what you’re playing, format, which game it is, sideboarding or not, play or draw, whether you know your opponent’s deck or not, whether there is anything unusual with your deck list (I don’t need the whole deck list, I just need a general idea of what’s going on that might impact the decision).
  • The hand has to be at least interesting. Don’t submit a 0-land hand that’s obviously unkeepable, for example, and don’t submit a hand that is clearly great but “didn’t get there.” Something you’re genuinely unsure whether you should keep or not.


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