Kaladesh Archetype Guide: B/W Go-Wide

White is good at making Servos. It’s what it does best. When you pair that with black’s removal and the ability to make Servos too, you get an especially strong archetype. Every single 8-person Kaladesh draft pod should have at least 1 player in Black-White Go-Wide.

The Game Plan

The deck’s primary plan is to create more creatures than the opponent, alpha strike (attack with everything), and then cast Inspired Charge.

Now, you won’t always draw Inspired Charge, and even if you do, usually you will need to deal some early damage if you are going to be able to alpha and cast a Charge for the win. That means that, in addition to the cards that make Servos and Inspiring Charge, flyers and removal are especially good for this deck. The ability to chip away at their life total with a flyer is really important.

Additionally, removal often allows you to kill their only blocker and get in a chunk of damage. Don’t be afraid to throw away a Servo to deal 4+ damage in some games. It will only deal 3 when you alpha/Inspired Charge so if you are racing or on the offensive in general, it’s often okay to sacrifice a 1/1 or even 2/1 as long as you are dealing at least 3 more damage than the creature’s power.

The Pick Order

Some commons have a good combination of rate or synergy with your deck’s main game plan. Generally, I refer to a common as “good” if it almost always makes my main. Card values always change based on exactly what other cards you have, but these are the commons that I look to get almost in almost any quantity when I am drafting a prototypical B/W Go-Wide deck in Kaladesh draft.

I will list them roughly in the order of how highly I take them, but remember that you want a balance of Charges, removal, creatures, and a good curve. This deck cares a lot about early damage and not a lot about having powerful creatures, which makes drafting cheaper creatures very important. Also remember that I’m not advising this order for pick 1 pack 1—it’s a guide for once you are already established in this archetype.

I generally play 16 lands in this deck. I only recommend going to 17 if you have 4+ cards that cost 5+ mana from the commons list, and that shouldn’t happen often. Or if you have 1 or 2, and 1+ really broken card that costs 5+ mana.


I like the first copy of Acrobatic Manuever/Subtle Strike, but each subsequent copy gets a lot worse, so it’s rare that I would run more than 2 copies of either.

Some key uncommons and rares that you should draft aggressively once you are in this deck (or in some cases, for any deck) are:

Rares and Uncommons

I listed cards like Gonti because it is way more broken with Aviary Mechanic and Acrobatic Manuever than without, but of course it’s still a great first pick for any deck. I didn’t list things like Noxious Gearhulk or Skysovereign because these cards are so busted in every deck that they should be banned from Limited play.

The key points for the B/W deck in Kaladesh draft are having a low curve and playing 16 lands, drafting Inspired Charges, removal, flyers, and cards that make Servos. In past formats, Inspired Charge often came up short because you sometimes wouldn’t have enough creatures. When half the cards in your deck make two creatures, this is rarely a problem. That said, it won’t just single-handedly win you the game—it’s a finisher, not a Pack Rat. That means you need to get in some early damage when you have profitable windows to do so, and chip away at their life total with flyers.

I hope you found this quick guide useful. We are looking to make draft archetypes a regular series on the site, so any feedback is appreciated.

Happy Drafting!


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