Top 32 lists of the Channelfireball 5k!

First off, congratulations to our winner Jimmy Dela Cruz! The top 32 lists are located below. If you want more information about the tournament including metagame breakdowns and feature match coverage, please check out these links.


Eric Levine narrates the Top 32 Feature Match between Matt Nass (UW Control) and Jimmy dela Cruz (Jund) at the ChannelFireball 5K on February 27, 2010 at Superstars Game Center in San Jose, CA. Visit our Youtube page for the rest of our recorded feature matches!

Note that at the moment only the top 4 are in order. The rest will be reordered this weekend into their proper finishes.

Jimmy Dela Cruz – Jund (1st)


Michael Hetrick – UW Control (2nd)


Kamui Kaye – Jund (3rd)


Chris Flowers – White Weenie (4th)


Alexander Shearer – Junk


Philip Yam – Naya


John Q Pham – Jund


Phong Tran – Jund


Vincent Rideout – Jund (I totally changed a card)


Shawn Gregson – Naya


Josh Utter-Leyton – WU Control


Jeff Huang – Jund


Zachaery Crosswhite – G/B Aggro


Alex Brand – Jund


Matt Nass – WU Control


Bryan Federico – Naya


Xavier Rodriguez – Open the Vaults


Nathan Varella – Cascade Aggro


Paul May – Jund


Alex Alepin – Open the Vaults


Gaurav Gaitonde – Jund


Tpmy Marquez – WU Control


Alexei Gousev – Cascade Control


Leo Visscher-Brown


Jonathan Hom – Boros


Garrett Johnson – Naya


Grant Gardiner – Dredge


Estuardo Vasquez – Naya


Hy Tran – Red Deck Wins


Sheher Shenhar – Naya


Casey Knutson – Naya


Jeremy Pachter – Naya


15 thoughts on “Top 32 lists of the Channelfireball 5k!”

  1. Jimmy is playing Simon Goertzen’s Pro Tour decklist, verbatim. That’s two tournaments that list has won in a few weeks!

  2. For the record, my deck list wasn’t all that close to the stock Naya list that got posted to the website, which on the one hand is pretty nice considering people will never know what was really in my deck…

    1. Your list has been updated. Although the sideboard was correct, the few tweaks to the mainboard were corrected. 4 cards off isn’t exactly off by very much though. 😉

  3. People keep asking what I played, then I tell them, then I look at what’s posted and they don’t line up, so then people ask me again… o the cycle. Thank you for breaking it

  4. Garrett Johnson

    8 Naya, 9 Jund, 4 UW. Interesting. Well my sideboard did well in this 5K because I was expecting alot of decks with Red and Black. Not sure what I would take out but I think I’d want to make room for Dauntless Escort seeing as that would have saved me so many times in my match against Josh.. Anyone have any idea’s looking at my list what they’d take out to put in the Dauntless Escorts? Also consider my meta is heavy with Jund

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  6. thanks for the coverage CF! anyone have any idea what is the sb plan of jund vs the u/w deck?

    looking at the featured video, it appears that the jund mage does something like this:

    take out broodmates, bolts, rampant growth, add the needle, pulse, then stags and deathmarks

    the only thing i am missing though is to cut 3x broodmate, 4 bolt, and 3 rampant is -9, and we are adding in 4 stag, 4 deathmark, a pulse and a needle, so we add back 10

    or i could be way off base anyway lol!

    anyone know?

  7. Josh Utter-Leyton’s list is 61 cards? Matt Nass’ list is 62? Could that be double-checked or something?

  8. lol no vamps has a hard time with jund and theres not alot of good matchups like red and u/w around to make it worth it

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