January Esports Update

The Magic Esports team released their January update today. Today’s update announced the MTG Arena policy page. The page will be the home of all rules and updates for tournament Magic. The page currently includes links to the rules governing both the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League, as well as information on the first quarter Mythic Points Challenge and information on the first Mythic Invitational of 2020.

The publishing of the rules governing Magic‘s professional leagues have given insight into some punitive measures available to the league. Notably, players can now be fined for infractions. According the the Esports Update, these fines will act as a way to hold competitors to a “high standard”.

The update also updated the qualification policy for the Players Tour. At the Players Tour Europe (taking place this weekend) and Players Tour Americas (taking place next week), players will need to earn 33 match points in 15 rounds to qualify for the Players Tour Finals. This brings the tournaments in line with the Players Tour Japan. Additionally, players with at least 30 points after 15 rounds at Players Tour Europe and Players Tour Americas will earn an invitation to the next Regional Players Tour.

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