Ishkanah Give It To Ya

I deemed Ishkanah, Grafwidow the best place to be for a Grand Prix since Blue-White Flash had become so popular. As I was packing for Warsaw, I made sure to bring every card that I thought could be good in the mirror because it was no secret to anyone that the black-green menace would also show up in big numbers—at least, among the network of people that I know—and that turned out to be just about every Pro Player that showed up there.

I lacked playtesting with the deck, but I had played against it many times, and my friend Seth Manfield helped me tweak my 75 to adjust for the results of Grand Prix Providence and Kuala Lumpur. Himself having made it to the finals of Providence, I could hardly get better advice.

Before you get bored with yet another B/G Delirium list, I’ll spoil that further down the article, there are some spicy brews—so stick around.

B/G Delirium

Pascal Maynard

This is what I recommend playing going forward. My GP list was slightly different. I made the mistake of playing 2 Hedron Archive in the sideboard as a way to fight the mirror, but it wasn’t good—an Emrakul powered out too early isn’t that powerful because the board isn’t developed, and you can’t mess with their cards that much.

Ob Nixilis was the most impressive card, so I added a 2nd one and I added a second Pick the Brain as well, as it was much better than I thought it would be.

I kept running into B/R Zombies on Magic Online during my testing, which made me think that I should be prepared for it, and despite Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet being bad in the mirror and against Blue-White, I wanted at least 1 in my main deck because it single-handedly destroys the Zombie strategy. It turned out that the deck was nowhere to be seen, so I moved it to my sideboard along with the 2nd one, cutting my 2nd copy of Flaying Tendrils, which was also there for the matchup.

A crew of French Pros were down to 3 Hissing Quagmire, which frankly isn’t totally crazy—you don’t activate them very often and in the mirror they can be worse than Foul Orchard if they take control of your turn and start killing your own lands. A 3rd Evolving Wilds would be the addition if I were to come to the same conclusion.

More Ishkanah Options

During the tournament, I got jealous of a few decks around me and it made me wish I had more time to test out different shells using the legendary Spider. Luckily for you guys, a friend of mine, Bernhard Lehner, was the designer of one of these exciting brews and gave me his updated list.

Energy Combo

Bernhard Lehner

This deck does some crazy things and I suggest that your Modules are in English because not every opponent will understand what’s going on.

In short, the more Decoction Modules you have in play, the better Whirler Virtuoso gets. If you have 3, you can make infinite Thopters. Ishkanah will not only buy you time here, but it works quite well with both Modules, either generating energy, or a bunch of Spiders by bouncing it with Fabrication Module.

This deck definitely has a late game that can compete with Black-Green. The only thing I’m concerned about is the Blue-White matchup. More Tears of Valakut in the sideboard could be the solution—in any case, keep an eye on my videos because I’ll try to give it a spin before the next Standard Grand Prix.

G/W Delirium

Simon Nielsen

Simon Nielsen and Julian Flury ran this variant of delirium—the exact 75 shown above is Simon’s updated list.

This is built a lot more defensively than the black version. You don’t get to aggro people with Grim Flayer and Mindwrack Demon, but believe it or not, Consulate Skygate is actually not that bad. This comes from someone who played with the card in Constructed during Pro Tour testing…

Descend Upon the Sinful is a nice and clean answer to Emrakul, which our regular delirium deck does not have access to. The biggest downside I see in running white over black is not having Grasp of Darkness—hands-down the best removal in Standard. In a world where Blue-White is fading away and pseudo-mirrors gain popularity, this list may be the way to go.

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