Is Legion Warboss the Next Goblin Rabblemaster?

Do you remember Goblin Rabblemaster? Well, we might have a very close relative here in Guilds of Ravnica!

It isn’t that important whether Legion Warboss is better or worse than Goblin Rabblemaster. What is relevant is to know whether the card will hit or miss in post-rotation Standard.

Goblin Chainwhirler still looms over Standard and it isn’t going to rotate out, although his friends Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Glorybringer, and Hazoret the Fervent are. We can hope that Mono-Red won’t be as dominant anymore, and that we can return to playing X/1s without fear.

Legion Warboss does create 1/1s, but he also works hard to help them grow faster and become real threats.

Mentor is a cool ability that requires your creature to survive in combat, and that’s no easy task. But you can just let your Goblins run in while the Warboss stays safe at home, like a Goblin Assault.

R/W Tokens is an archetype, pushed by Heroic Reinforcements, that used to be mainly white because of cards like History of Benalia and Benalish Marshal. Of course, strong enablers like Servo Expedition are rotating out, but a whole set has yet to be revealed, and we might find ourselves with a nice R/W Tokens deck.

We can also turn it into a Goblins deck, using Radiant Destiny as a Glorious Anthem, making your Goblin tokens stronger than ever.

Dual lands are very important for aggro decks like R/W Tokens, and with Guilds to Ravnica we will have access to Sacred Foundry, which will make Clifftop Retreat even better.

Although Aether Hub rotating out will be a big hit for triple-cost cards like Benalish Marshal and Goblin Chainwhirler, it won’t necessary be a big loss for Standard, as Goblin Chainwhirler is almost universally reviled.

I’m not afraid of hate, though, so I’ll brew a Goblin tribal deck that still plays a few copies of the most hated Standard card of the year.

R/W Goblins

It’s not great to play Stone Quarry along with your 1-drops, but there are not many ways to fix your white mana and still play 22 red sources to guarantee the turn-3 Goblin Chainwhirler.

Other Goblins to consider are Rigging Runner, Goblin Warchief, and more Goblin Trashmasters.

I’ve never liked Rigging Runner—a 1-drop that isn’t good on turn 1 cannot justify its inclusion in the deck, whereas I could see playing Goblin Warchief and Goblin Trashmaster, as they provide more speed and more power to the deck, although they do raise the mana curve.

It’s a good idea to include at least some way to interact with your opponent, and that’s why you see four copies of Lightning Strike, even though Volley Veteran also does a good job at playing the Flametongue Kavu role.

Another application of Legion Warboss might be alongside a turn-1 Llanowar Elves, but the absence of Stomping Ground will delay this idea for about four months until the next Ravnica set is released.

The whole set hasn’t been spoiled yet, and so these ideas are very primitive, but I’m excited to play some Goblins in Standard that aren’t necessary triple-red!

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