Is Electrodominance Strong Enough for Modern?

If you’re a Modern player at all, your very first thought when you read Electrodominance was probably the exact same as mine: Is the card going to be busted with the zero-casting-cost suspend spells?

I’m not exactly sure how much Modern the play design team tests. Surely they’ve thought about it, and probably played a few games with the card, but you never know.

While Ancestral Vision isn’t exactly a must-include for blue decks. It sees a decent amount of play whether it’s main deck, sideboard, or both. Given the high variance nature of the card, I’ve always struggled to rate it properly and recently I’ve been going back and forth with the card in Blue-White Control, sometimes playing a copy or two main, and adding another copy or two to the sideboard for the slower, grindier matchups. I’m fairly indifferent to it—I think you’ll do roughly equally well whether you play Ancestral Vision or something like Serum Visions, Hieroglyphic Illumination, or Glimmer of Genius in its spot.

Some versions of Blue Moon rely on Vision and if you’re already playing four of the blue suspend spell, it might be worth including a copy or two of Electrodominance in your deck. Note that the way it is worded, X doesn’t have to be 0 for you to cast Vision, so you can get that extra damage value in the mid- to late-game and still fire off a freshly drawn Vision.

Blue End

Another deck that’s dear to my heart and that makes very good use of Vision is Blue End. Blue End, which is usually a mono-blue deck, relies on As Foretold to cast Living End, as well as Ancestral Vision, and if you’re willing to mess with the mana base, Electrodominance seems like it could be the perfect fit. Not only will you have another way to cast Living and Vision for free, but the removal part of the card, even though expensive, might come in handy too as Humans is a nightmare matchup due to cards like Meddling Mage, and Spirits isn’t much easier.

Adding a color will come with its usual problems, though, especially since the mono-blue version has the luxury of running four Field of Ruin, which made the Tron matchup really good. I don’t think you can afford to really run any in a deck that wants double-red and triple-blue early on.

The other problem is what to cut. There’s very little wiggle room in the mono-blue version. You could cut Serum Visions, but I’m a fan of the card and I think the answer is probably to shave numbers: cut a cycler, cut a Cryptic Command, or a 2-mana counterspell. Cut just one Serum Visions, maybe.

It’s not all downside though—you might get some interesting sideboard options. The first two that come to mind are Magma Spray and Anger of the Gods, efficient removal spells to help with your toughest matchups, and they also happen to exile creatures.

Electrodominance Living End

The more standard version of Living End might also be able to benefit from the new Allegiance instant. It will give you an extra outlet to cast a Living End at instant speed, as well as an extra potential removal spell for a Spell Queller or a Meddling Mage.

The obvious problem here is that you can also cascade into Electrodominance, meaning that you will either brick off your cascade spell or need to have a Living End in hand to cast if you do hit Electrodominance.

I know my last name isn’t Karsten, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say the math isn’t going to work out, the potential upside won’t be worth it, and you will be better off not playing Electrodominance.

I’m not really familiar with the deck and I’m not exactly sure what its strength and weaknesses are, but Eelectrodominance is not likely to help you against any kind of hate either.

Restore Balance

The last somewhat popular deck that used the 0cc cards is Restore Balance. I use the past tense because no one plays that deck anymore and no one has in a very long time. Well actually, I gave it a shot in a couple of Leagues last year and it was indeed bad, so my argument for trying out Electrodominance in the Restore Balance deck is because it honestly can’t get much worse, and once again, having more ways to cast Balance at instant speed sounds good. The other upside is that using two cards out of your hand to do so will mean that your opponent gets to keep one fewer card.

For reference (and for people who may have never even heard of the deck), here is the list I ran on MTGO last time I played the deck:

Restore Balance

A New Hope

While I doubt the old school Restore Balance deck can be salvaged, it inspired other decks that try to abuse the 0cc suspend spell:

One of the problems with Blue End can be not finding an As Foretold in a timely manner, which is one of the reasons why I really like Serum Visions in the deck.

With the addition of Electrodominance, you get four extra outlets and while Electrodominance only helps you cast one of the spells, it might just be what you need to buy yourself some time with a Restore Balance, or to get your deck going with a Wheel of Fate.

I’m not relying on the cascade engine, so I get to play a few cheap reactive spells, as well as have a real sideboard.

Greater Gargadon is in the deck to combo with Restore Balance and serve as a win condition. The free mana Simian Spirit Guide provides you should be useful and the card disadvantage should be negated by either Restore Balance or Wheel of Fate. Using the same logic, I included Mishra’s Bauble in the deck but couldn’t really find any other enchantments or artifacts (permanents that have a natural synergy with Restore Balance) I was excited about, even though I could see including some artifact mana in the deck. Claws of Gix isn’t exactly Zuran Orb and Aether Spellbomb might be a bit gimmicky but I’ll try them out and if the deck shows signs of life, I’m sure there are other cards that might fit in that I’ve missed.

Planeswalker is the third type of permanent that gets to stick around post Balance no questions asked, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Chandra, Torch of Defiance are the best options in these colors.

The sideboard is fairly standard except for maybe Skullmead Cauldron, which I had in the sideboard of my Tezzeret deck in the very first Modern PT.

Modern is a tough format to crack and I doubt Electrodominance will be busted enough to make the cut, but there’s always a chance and the RRX instant is definitely the card I’m most excited about so far.


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