If You’re Playing Green-White Tokens, You Should Be Packing Flower // Flourish

Cards that give you options add another level of game play, decision making, and reduce variance. A card as simple as Hieroglyphic Illumination that gives you the option to draw a card for 1 mana or draw two cards for 4 mana provides a lot of utility in both the early game and late game. One such card from Guilds of Ravnica may be flying under the radar:

At first glance, this reminds me of Green Sun’s Zenith. Now it is nowhere near as powerful as the banned sorcery. What makes Green Sun’s Zenith so powerful is that it provides incredible utility both early and late, acting as an early-game ramp spell, either for a Dryad Arbor or mana Elf, then a late-game threat like Primeval Titan.

Flower // Flourish is no Green Sun’s Zenith, but it is a strong card you should likely be including in your G/W Tokens decks.

Flower is simple. It’s early game mana-fixing when you need it. Most mana-fixing like this had a very real downside in that you had to overload on Forests in order to be able to cast it, which meant that it might be totally dead if you happened to already be color screwed in the other direction. Flower fixes that. You can use either green or white mana and then you can use it to fetch up what you don’t have. Without the concern that some percentage of the time you will have a land (or lands) and never be able to cast your fixing, you can count this as a pure mana source. This can always effectively be a tapped Selesnya land as you can pay 1 mana of any color to go get the other source.

Flower is a useful card, but the problem with playing these fixing spells/mana sources is how bad they can become later in the game. This is where the split card functionality and utility shines. Flourish is not a busted card. It’s about as bad of an “Overrun” effect as you can have in Magic. It’s also plenty good enough.

Giving all of your creatures +2/+2 is good, but not amazing. Spending 6 mana to do that is overcosted. Sorcery speed is another small drawback, although this will be less impactful in Constructed than it might be in Limited, which tend to have very different battlefields. Turning your mana source or effective G/W tapland into a 6-mana way to pump your entire team, however, is incredible.

Flower // Flourish plays well with some of the new G/W Token synergies in Standard. Emmara, Soul of the Accord is primed to be a real player, as a 2/2 for 2 is already fine. She churns out lifelink tokens just for attacking, and then convokes out bigger threats. Thorn Lieutenant wasn’t great in mono-green decks that couldn’t put the 1/1 token to great use, but in a token strategy, this card can finally really shine. With cards like Pelt Collector to grow and gain trample, and Venerated Loxodon to pump up your team on the cheap, you have the ability to both go big and wide.

In a strategy capable of creating a wide battlefield and using its mana well each turn, both Flower and Flourish can excel. If G/W Tokens remains a strong strategy in Standard, I expect this to be a strong addition you should be utilizing.

Green-White Tokens

JOAO_ANDRADE, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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