3 Early Lists to Fight Bant Company

After the first week of Standard, we saw once again the dominance of Bant Company, with 43.8% copies in the Top 64 of SCG Columbus—now it’s time to fight back.

The first and most obvious solution is to create a build of Bant Company that wins the mirror match.

This version uses Selfless Spirit and Archangel Avacyn, a great combination of cards that can get you out of bad situations. Thalia, Heretic Cathar is a great tool to beat flash creatures and to slow your opponents down. These smart additions propelled Devin Koepke to the top of the first major tournament in the new format.

Bant Company

Devin Koepke, 1st place at SCG Columbus

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad saw 8 different archetypes in the Top 8, with only 1 copy of Bant Company—and Bant Company was a known quantity—making that tournament a great resource to find the right medicine.

Team EUreka came up with RG Goggles, which was insanely good against Bant Company, but suffered against GW Tokens and its two planeswalkers—that’s why the deck fell off the radar so quickly.

Reading the metagame is important, and if you no longer expect to see GW Tokens—only 3 players made Day 2 of GP Columbus with GW Tokens—then Goggles is a great choice, even if it doesn’t gain any new cards from Eldritch Moon.

That’s what Matthew Voltz came up with, and he managed to Top 8, only to be quickly defeated by Eric Rill and his GW Tokens.

RG Goggles Ramp

Matthew Voltz, 6th place at SCG Columbus

Last but not least, there’s Tom Ross and his trusty Wr Humans, which he used to defeat a ton of Bant Company decks, but fell a little short of Top 8.

Wr Humans

Tom Ross, 12th place at SCG Columbus

Humans is another historically bad matchup for Bant Company. Game 1 is almost impossible to win, unless you 2-for-1 them multiple times with Dromoka’s Command and they don’t draw too many anthem effects.

Lambholt Pacifist and Tragic Arrogance are the only cards that can stop your plan. You’ll have more spot removal to combat big blockers, but the game will hinge on sweepers.

So what really changed? Not much:

  • Bant Company got a lot better with the addition of Selfless Spirit, Thalia, Heretic Healer, and Spell Queller.
  • Bant Humans is now the inferior version of the deck since it doesn’t have access to Spell Queller and suffers against the same hate as Bant Company.
  • GW Tokens got worse. It didn’t gain any new cards, but lost ground in its matchup versus Bant Company because of flying creatures that pressure your planeswalkers.

It’s now time to see if Eldritch Moon can bring something truly new to the table—between Liliana, the Last Hope and Grim Flayer, I think something good is cooking!


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