Honored Hydra in Green-White Tokens

These two weren’t horrible together:

That’s Standard legal, huh?

Well, well, well… looks like it’s time to brew! Once you’re going down the graveyard value path you might as well get a bunch of other sweetness to go alongside these two all-stars.

Angel of Sanctions looks perfect in this style of deck if you want to be G/W. Additionally, as you fill up your graveyard, delirium starts becoming a real payoff. Poor Ishkanah hasn’t seen much love lately and I’m here to rectify that error!

G/W Token Delirium

The idea here is to create a giant board with your planeswalkers and oversized creatures. To help set that up, you’ll need to reach delirium and survive. Your 1- and 2-drops help in this department, and also ensure you still have gas in the late game. Traverse the Ulvenwald gets to play its usual role of finding awesome 1-ofs, and that’s the reason for the otherwise awkward-looking singleton Manglehorn and Walking Ballista.

As for the payoffs, the new embalm creatures really get there. They work when you discard them or flip them with Grapple, but are really just excellent on their own. Have 5 mana? Cast Angel of Sanctions! Next turn just slam down Honored Hydra. That’s already an impressive board, and if they die you just do it all again.

Nissa and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar have been pivotal parts of G/W Token decks for the better part of their time in Standard and I see no reason that should change. They also help diversify your card types for delirium, and this deck should be able to get delirium reliably with all 7 card types included in the list. I’m particularly excited about Cast Out here because it really gets the best of both modes. It provides key interaction which these G/W decks are usually light on, but also cycles in a pinch to enable Ishkanah and Descend Upon the Sinful.

Finally, this deck plays well going long. It has a bunch of mana sinks built into its creatures to help you impact the board meaningfully turn after turn. There’s only the 1 Walking Ballista, but you can find it easily enough with Traverse and then ping away to your heart’s content. Grapple ensures that plan stays online even if your opponent would do something as rude as point a removal spell at the Ballista. The embalm creatures ensure you’ll have something to do even if you have no cards in hand. I don’t think that will be all that common though thanks to a bunch of cyclers, including your lands, and all-star Thraben Inspector—it’s likely you’ll always have a good spell to cast.

The sideboard offers your usual flexibility, with additional answers for aggro or control alongside some specific hate for the dreaded Saheeli combo, if that’s still alive in the future. Manglehorn seems especially great to me as a flexible answer to multiple decks, which could warrant more copies in the main deck, but for now I like just jamming a ton of big creatures. Prowling Serpopard isn’t at its best when you’re relying on many planeswalker threats, but it does become a bit better with a more creature dense focus post-board.

There are many different directions you can go with this deck. You could implement a stronger focus on Delirium and move toward a G/B shell, or one that fuels an even faster graveyard for more embalm shenanigans. For now I’m just excited at the various prospects these Amonkhet cards add to deck building. Honored Hydra is so cool because of its giant stats but also for its efficiency when cheated out. I think there’s a lot of flexibility here because of those combined factors, and I’m ready to see one of these things on the battlefield. Plus, who doesn’t want a Snake Mummy? G/W Tokens isn’t dead, delirium is alive and kicking, and embalm is showing up to take the spice factor to 10!


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