Hollow One Might Be Hour of Devastation’s Most Broken Card

Autumn? Winter? Summer? Who cares! Spoiler season is the one and only season for me, and this one is no slouch. Hollow One is one of the cards that specifically caught my eye. Whenever there’s cost reduction on the horizon, it’s foolish to look away. Free spells and cost reduction have had… let’s say, issues, in Magic’s history. Mechanics such as delve, storm, cascade, and affinity haven’t been so successful, and I don’t mean because they haven’t been played—they’ve been too broken.

Hollow One synergizes with discard and cycling of course, and the key is to be able to pump it out as quickly as possible without losing too much card advantage. If you were, for example, to discard a ton of cards with Noose Constrictor, it would indeed be fast, but a bit too much of a glass cannon for my taste. What if they can deal with such a board on turn 3? Because of that, you also want to synergize with the cards being discarded in order to not lose too much value in the process.

R/G Disco Beats

Between Bomat Courier, Noose Constrictor, and Cathartic Reunion, it’s possible to churn out Hollow Ones on turn 3, giving you the explosiveness you need. The rest of the deck is trying to synergize with discard. Once discarded, Honored Hydra is a powered up Roar of the WurmFiery Temper becomes a Lightning BoltMouth // Feed refills your hand and becomes better with every Hollow One, and Lupine Prototype loves what’s happening with all these cards being discarded left and right so he can get in on the fight.

As the cherry on top, the creatures used in this archetype go very well with Rhonas, the Indomitable, since they are undercosted large creatures because of their “drawbacks,” which are turned to an advantage in this deck. Hollow One is a large part of this, because one issue for this archetype is that its creatures are weak to Fatal Push, while Hollow One isn’t. Being able to cast multiple Hollow Ones in one turn will make Rhonas hard to turn off for your opponent, having casting cost 5 and demanding premium removal from your opponent.

Hollow One also got me wondering about other formats. You can discard cards and use your graveyard at a more efficient, fast, broken pace in Modern. There you have cards such as Faithless Looting, dredge, and free discard such as Street Wraith.

Plants vs. Zombies

This deck has the potential to be completely busted. In its most extreme draw, it can put 24 power in play on turn 1, 8 of which has haste! The different interactions between Prized Amalgam, Vengevine, and Hollow One are interesting. To trigger Vengevine, you need to play multiple creatures in one turn. Hollow One gets cheaper when you discard cards, which means you can play multiple copies in one big turn. The cards you discard? Why not just discard those Vengevines we talked about? Throw some Prize Amalgam in there while you’re at it. Hollow One triggers Vengevine, and Vengevine triggers Prized Amalgam, and this synergy gives you your most busted draws. To help you continue doing this a bit more consistently, you have Bloodghast to trigger Prized Amalgam, Gravecrawler to trigger both Prized Amalgam and Vengevine, and Insolent Neonate on double-duty as a second creature for Vengevine while being able to put your important cards in the graveyard where they belong, and making Hollow One cheaper. A jack-of-all-trades!


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