Historic Power Rankings

Last weekend, Historic was part of the Redbull Untapped 2020 Finals, you can see decklists from the event here.

1. 4c Midrange

This is the Sultai Ramp deck, splashing for Yasharn. My heart is telling me to put Gruul first, but I’ll try to not be biased. Most of the players at the Redbull event chose 4c Midrange and it is probably the most solid deck in the field. You can’t really go wrong choosing to play it in a Historic event right now, as the deck has answers to pretty much everything. Yasharn is an incredible addition that works wonders against Jund Sacrifice, Neoform, Goblins and even cards like Ramunap Ruins.

2. Gruul Aggro

With BTE coming back from the suspension list, Cragcrown Pathways and the DFCs from Zendikar Rising, Gruul got a huge boost in power level and consistency. This deck is incredibly fast, but can also play at instant speed with Collected Company. Flooding is no longer an issue thanks to Shatterskull Smashing, Turntimber Symbiosis and Kazandu Mammoth. If I was playing a Historic event myself, I would 100% register Gruul.

3. Jund Sacrifice

Previously the best deck in the format took a huge hit with the introduction of Yasharn into Historic. It is still a solid choice, but the fact that 4c Midrange is now the most popular deck hurts Jund a lot. Yasharn completely turns off your deck and Claim the Firstborn does nothing against it. Another issue is that a lot of people are now playing Aether Gust maindeck and there also seems to be fewer low-to-the-ground creature decks.

4. Goblins

This deck might not be very popular any more, but don’t let that fool you. It is still one of the best and most consistent decks in the format. One of its worst enemies, Jund, is now a lot less popular and Ramp should be a fine matchup, so I am honestly not sure why we are seeing no Goblins anywhere at the moment.

5. Azorius Control

I have always wondered why not add Uro and Growth Spiral into this deck and give it another finisher and a better Mind Stone. Aether Gust becoming a 3 or even 4-of in a lot of these 4c Midrange decks might be the reason to stay only in the Azorius Colors. It also gives you a better mana, but finishing games without Uro takes a lot longer. In my experience, this deck is the hardest to build if you want to beat all of the top decks, as they all attack from different angles.

6. Rakdos Arcanist

I have been seeing way fewer Leylines and Grafdigger’s Cages in everyone’s sideboards, which is a good sign for the Kroxa deck. This is the best Thoughtseize deck in the format, which can also follow it up with solid aggression, which gives the opponent less time to draw out of it.

7. Azorius Auras

Jund Sacrifice, which is the biggest enemy of this deck, is now a lot less played thanks to Yasharn, which this deck does not care about at all. This in turn should make Auras a solid choice, now that you don’t have to worry about Priest of Forgotten Gods and Claim the Firstborn. Still, 4c Midrange has Thoughtseize, ton of two-mana removal and cards like Extinction Event, which don’t care about Selfless Savior, so what looks like it should be a great matchup for you, can actually be fairly close.

8. Colorless Ramp

This deck is the new kid on the block that is trying to go over the top of the Midrange strategies with cards like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Thanks to Guardian Idol, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive and Forsaken Monument, you are casting all these cards way ahead of the curve. Karn gives you maindeck access to cards like Grafdigger’s Cage, Sorcerous Spyglass or something like Platinum Angel which is game over against decks like Azorius Auras. The matchup against Gruul seems pretty bad, though, which is the reason why I’m not putting this deck higher.

9. Burn

As usual, Burn is a fine choice as it can easily punish slow draws from your opponents, but the power level of your cards isn’t super high. If I was playing a red aggressive deck, I think I would rather go with Gruul to have better creatures and access to Collected Company.

10. Neoform

Turns out that this deck is, in fact, not nearly as good as the the old Splinter Twin combo, as it lacks card selection and consistency. The biggest issue for me is Yasharn, which says that you cannot even cast Neoform.

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