Historic Power Rankings – Week of 9/1/2020

We are 9 days before the deck submission deadline for the Historic Mythic Invitational and you can see more and more people being invested into this format. Whether it’s the streamers or all the pros testing on ladder, we are getting closer and closer to solving the format, but we aren’t quite there yet. Honestly, Historic seems like a pretty good format right now exactly thanks to that – there are so many playable decks that it’s a nice refresh from standard.

Deck of the week: Goblins

Goblins claimed the nr.1 rank on the arena ladder in the hands of Raul Porojan and gets my pick for the deck of this week.

1/ UW(g)/Sultai Control

We have finally started seeing the top players like Gabriel Nassif and Andrea Mengucci explore the control decks and everyone quickly got reminded how powerful Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is. Sultai benefits from the extremely powerful and essentially free ramp in the form of Growth Spiral, Explore and Uro, while also having access to Thoughtseize and good removal.

I expect these decks to be very well represented at the Mythic Invitational next week because they are playing the most powerful cards in the format.

2/ Collected Company/Bolas’s Citadel decks

Whether it’s Golgari for better mana, Abzan for slightly better creatures or Jund for Mayhem Devil, this deck also has access to some of the absolute best cards in the format – Thoughtseize, Collected Company and Bolas’s Citadel. It’s unclear to me what the best version is yet, but you can’t really go wrong by playing either of them. The only downside is that there is currently a lot of Grafdigger’s Cages in everyone’s sideboard because of Company, Muxus and Kroxa.

3/ Goblins

This deck was extremely popular when Jumpstart came out, but then got a little overlooked after the release of Amonkhet, when everyone started trying all the new cards instead. This past week, Ra_Po got the nr. 1 rank on the Arena ladder with it and reminded everyone that Goblins are still in the format. I really like his addition of Forgotten Cave, because it allows you to play more lands without really flooding out too much and it also works nicely with Conspicuous Snoop. Another deck that doesn’t want to see Cage on the other side of the table, but at least you can still aggro people out with Goblin Lords and Krenko.

4/ Monoblack God Pharaoh’s Gift

God Pharaoh’s Gift is yet another insanely powerful card from Amonkhet Remastered that works really nicely with Stitcher’s Supplier and Phyrexian Tower. But the best part about this deck is that it doesn’t get stopped by Grafdigger’s Cage, because GPG exiles the creature from the graveyard and then creates a 4/4 copy of it. This deck is also still very much unexplored, you can easily splash blue for Champion of Wits or red for Kroxa. I quite like Massacre Wurm as the top end of this deck, because it’s really good vs Goblins, Company decks, Monored and pretty much just any creature deck, but if you want to get creative, there are plenty more big creatures to use in that slot, like Craterhoof Behemoth, Drakuseth or Zetalpa.

5/ RB Kroxa

Last week I had this deck at nr. 2, but it seems that it really struggles against graveyard hate like Grafdigger’s Cage or Rest in Peace and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot more to improve the deck with. Still, you often get a free win in game 1 and it’s the best Thoughtseize deck because of Dradhorde Arcanist and more discard in the form of Kroxa.

6/ Monored

As usual, you can’t go wrong by playing a deck like Monored in this format. You have good creatures all across the curve and even a lot of stuff to do when you flood out, like Earthshaker Khenra, Hazoret and Ramunap Ruins. Don’t sleep on Goblin Chainwhirler.

7/ UW Auras

This deck a very high variance, but it can be amazing if you get the right matchups and dodge turn 1 Thoughtseize from your opponents. If Goblins and Company keep being as popular as they are, maybe you should bring Hushbringer to the maindeck.

8/ Monogreen Walkers

I admit that this deck is a little bit of a dark horse, but I was pretty impressed when I saw a completely new deck in the top8 of the CFB Pro Showdown this weekend. It reminds me of the Pioneer version of this deck, which is obviously stronger thanks to Burning-Tree Emissary and Nykthos, but it’s also an entirely different format.

9/ Gruul Aggro

I can’t quite tell why, but I haven’t been nearly as successful with Gruul since the last bannings. The biggest reason is probably that I liked playing against the Field decks because Questing Beast + Embercleave don’t care about tokens and these decks are now gone. Other decks also got a lot better. Gruul definitely isn’t a bad deck, but it feels like you can do better now.

10/ Monoblack Aggro

Honestly, I was struggling with what deck to put at nr. 10 and Monoblack won by the slightest margin pretty much just thanks to the power of Thoughtseize.


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