Historic Power Rankings – Week of 8/19/20

Amonkhet Remastered brought a lot of new cards that completely changed the format. Thoughtseize, Collected Company, Hazoret and Ramunap Ruins just to name a few of the most impactful ones.

Biggest winners: Collected Company decks, Mono-Red, Grafdigger’s Cage

Collected Company quickly become one of the strongest cards in Historic. The Abzan/Jund/Golgari Company decks with Bolas’s Citadel are incredibly powerful and consistent.

Mono-Red got a ton of help from Hazoret, Soul-Scar Mage, Ramunap Ruins and Earthshaker Khenra.

Grafdigger’s Cage stops Collected Company, escape, Muxus and the whole R/B graveyard deck. Make sure you have a few copies in your sideboard.

Biggest losers: “One trick pony” decks that revolve around a single card that can now be Thoughtseized away and your whole plan falls apart.

U/W Auras is a perfect example of this. You have to aggressively mulligan to find a Kor Spiritdancer and now your opponent can just Thoughtseize it away on turn 1. Kethis or Goblins with Muxus is another good example, although Goblins is a bit more resilient to discard and removal because of cards like Conspicious Snoop and Goblin Matron.

Biggest sleepers: Massacre Wurm, Blood Sun, Ashiok Dream Render

My early post-Amonkhet Remastered Historic Rankings

1. Sultai Field

2. Bant Field

In my opinion, the Field Ramp decks are currently the strongest decks in Historic. The fact that Explore, Growth Spiral and Uro all ramp you while also drawing you an extra card makes the deck really consistent. Ulamog and Ugin are your top end when infinite zombie tokens isn’t enough.

I like Sultai more because it has access to Thoughtseize, but I don’t think we found the perfect version of Field yet, so it’s still a little open.

3. Abzan Company
4. Jund Company

You only need to watch one game where the CoCo player drops Bolas’s Citadel on turn 4 and immediately wins to see how powerful and consistent these decks are. I like Abzan a lot more now in a Field meta, but Jund can be better if everyone else is running creatures and you want to have access to Mayhem Devil.

You can also play just straight up Golgari and have better mana, but playing three colors gives you access to better creatures, which means better CoCo.

5. Mono-Red

I like this deck quite a lot as it can punish slower draws and it has game against everyone. Goblin Chainwhirler is currently my pick for the most underplayed/most impactful Historic card. Look at all the x/1 creatures in all the company decks, monored decks, Llanowar Elves etc.

6. Goblins

This deck is still powerful, but it’s now a lot easier to fight Muxus by taking it with Thoughtseize and getting rid of the rest with a sweeper or Mayhem Devil.

7. R/B Graveyard

I’ve been playing against these kind of decks a lot on the ladder and they seem very powerful. I’ve seen a lot of different version, but the common cards are always Thoughtseize, Kroxa, Stitcher’s Supplier and then some combination of Young Pyromancer, Mire Triton, Village Rites, Rix Maadi Reveler, Claim/Fame, Archfiend’s Vessel, Claim the Firstborn or Collateral Damage and usually Lurrus as your companion.

8. Gruul Aggro

I still like Gruul as the best Embercleave deck and also because Questing Beast doesn’t care about zombie tokens, but it’s easy to get outclassed by Uro/Kroxa or a fast Company start if you don’t draw Embercleave.

9. U/W Control

I’m honestly not exactly sure why we aren’t seeing more U/W Control decks these days, but Field being so popular is probably the biggest reason. If you don’t draw your Field of Ruin, they will just bury you with an army of free zombie tokens. Still, Teferi Hero of Dominaria is a hell of a Magic card and combined with countermagic and Wrath of God is a great base of any control deck.

10. U/W Auras

This deck was the biggest winner of the Arena Open, but now it’s best matchup, Temur Reclamation, is gone and Thoughtseize makes it a lot harder to stick one big threat and put a bunch of Auras on it. The fact that the Company decks are running Priest of Forgotten Gods doesn’t help either.

I’m not really sure where to place decks like Kethis and the Breach Combo just yet, but I’m sure we are going to find out exactly how good these decks can be during the Mythic Invitational next month.

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