Hard Cast #11 – The Phyrexians have landed!

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #11

Show Notes
• Intro to show

• Article Reviews

• How much of an impact will NPH have in Vintage? Marius Van Zundert article explains it all

• Michael Hetrick show how to improve the U/W Caw-Blade deck with NPH

• Want to make some profit off of NPH Brian’s got the tips for you

• W/G Baneslayer Aggro with a tweak from Evan Erwin on Alexander’s article this week

• Want to know how to play pester twin with 3 color and U/R version Paulo article is up for this week

• LSV completes set review

• Kyle talks about Wafo-Gate and landstill deck that is Wafo inspired for legacy

• Shuhei on how to play U/B versus every match up and why to be on play or draw

• Also, Paulo did a Men of Magic interview with myself that can be found on MTGCAST.Com

FNM Deck of the week – Daily Event 4-0 with Vampires


• Promo of the week –

• End of Show

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