Hard Cast #11 – The Phyrexians have landed!

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #11

Show Notes
• Intro to show

• Article Reviews

• How much of an impact will NPH have in Vintage? Marius Van Zundert article explains it all

• Michael Hetrick show how to improve the U/W Caw-Blade deck with NPH

• Want to make some profit off of NPH Brian’s got the tips for you

• W/G Baneslayer Aggro with a tweak from Evan Erwin on Alexander’s article this week

• Want to know how to play pester twin with 3 color and U/R version Paulo article is up for this week

• LSV completes set review

• Kyle talks about Wafo-Gate and landstill deck that is Wafo inspired for legacy

• Shuhei on how to play U/B versus every match up and why to be on play or draw

• Also, Paulo did a Men of Magic interview with myself that can be found on MTGCAST.Com

FNM Deck of the week – Daily Event 4-0 with Vampires


• Promo of the week –

• End of Show

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  2. another week, another having to go to a different website to trick and download it. need to fix that guys. I am the kind of guy to like to listen to this on my way to work

  3. We’re working on fixing issues like that so you’ll be able to find all the content for the show in one location

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