G/W Dinosaur Ramp

G/W Ramp has been one of the most dominant decks in the current Standard format, though many of its best cards came from Battle for Zendikar, which is now rotating out.

This is how I would build it right now.

G/W Ramp

Let’s talk about what the deck gains and loses with the release of Ixalan.

In the place of Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, World Breaker, and Linvala, the Preserver, we are getting these three huge Dinosaurs:

Wakening Sun’s Avatar

This is close to Ulamog, with the slight difference that if countered, it won’t trigger and won’t get rid of annoying permanents like planeswalkers. But it does kill all of the creatures your opponent controls, since you’ll include it in a shell where all of your creatures are created by planeswalkers.

Paying 2 less mana is obviously a plus, but isn’t that relevant here.

Carnage Tyrant

This Dinosaur is an all-star versus control decks, but it also rules against any kind of deck when played on turn 5.

Curving this into Wakening Sun’s Avatar is just devastating and can close up a game fast.

Gishath, Sun’s Avatar

To add to these two monsters, we get this Naya Dinosaur to make sure that you’ll have enough payoff after ramping quickly.

Speaking of ramping, how will you make up for the loss of Weirding Wood and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods?

Gift of Paradise and Spring // Mind are still legal and still very good. They allow you to play Hour of Promise on turn 4 without exposing your ramp creatures to removal spells.

I still think that Druid of the Cowl will serve well as an early blocker and a ramper. I like it better than Drover of the Mighty since its body is relevant until turn 6 or more, where a 3/3 isn’t that helpful.

Thraben Inspector’s departure is certainly painful, and can expose this deck to a lot of very fast starts if decks like Ramunap Red still dominate, which I’m fairly sure they will.

The matchup versus Ramunap Red was never fantastic, and that’s why you have 4 Regal Caracal and 4 Authority of the Consuls.

Desert’s Hold is an early removal spell that can gain you a bunch of life, and it will always be relevant.

With Sanctum of Ugin leaving, I feel that Walking Ballista is no longer necessary in the main deck. It will still be good post-sideboard versus decks with lots of X/1s.

You’re losing Shrine of the Forsaken Gods and Sanctum of Ugin as lands, and unfortunately there’s not much to replace them with.

Sunpetal Grove will be as good as Fortified Village, and Rootbound Crag helps cast Gishath, Sun’s Avatar.

The sideboard has a lot of slots devoted to Mono-Red, as it will probably be the most problematic matchup. It’ll also have some more beef to board in against control decks where you need to board out Fumigates and Desert’s Hold.

Eldrazi did a great job in the past Standard. Lets see if Dinosaurs can take their mantle.

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