Guilds of Ravnica Preview: Assassin’s Trophy

Do you like Abrupt Decay? What about Path to Exile? If those sound good, then I’ve got a card to preview that bears striking similarity to both, which is a pedigree that can’t be beat. Let’s take a look at Assassin’s Trophy—it’s a real treat.

This card has the potential to make waves in just about every format, as it checks a number of boxes that Golgari decks are interested in checking.

It kills any permanent—planeswalkers, creatures, and even lands. When you have Assassin’s Trophy in your deck, there’s nothing your opponent can play that you can’t deal with. In formats like Modern or Legacy, it’s great knowing that you won’t randomly lose to cards like Ensnaring Bridge, Chalice of the Void, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, or Back to Basics.

These stack very nicely. The cost of letting your opponent search for a land goes down each time you do it, so jamming four of these works out well.
On top of that, Assassin’s Trophy is very cheap. It gives you interaction at every stage in the game, which helps slow decks cover their bases early without sacrificing power and flexibility in the later turns.

The effect Assassin’s Trophy will have on the metagame could be quite large, though thanks to Field of Ruin, everyone seems well-acquainted with running at least one basic land (and usually more).

This gives Golgari decks the tools to fight against anything that comes up, and I can imagine it fitting in aggro and control decks alike. Golgari is an early front-runner thanks to this card, and it’s powerful enough to put this color combo back on the map in Standard (while fitting into existing decks in older formats). I’m just glad that it doesn’t cost blue or white mana, because Teferi into this would be a little too brutal…


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