Grixis Tezzeret Deck Tech (Standard)

While I was streaming earlier this week, someone put me onto a Tezzeret list in Standard, which was everything I could ask for. It had Mechanized Production, it had the Schemer himself, it had Heart of Kiran, and it had Herald of Anguish—you’re better off asking what it didn’t have.

The deck was created by Reddit user SloppyJayChoi (whose name I will assume is Jay Choi), and an earlier version of the deck was even written about by our own Brian DeMars. Although, as far as I know, the version DeMars wrote about could be the more recent one. I’m not certain. What I do know is that “Jay” ended up winning a PPTQ with the list we’re trying out today, and that was good enough for me! Check it out.

Grixis Tezzeret

This deck has a lot going on, and it’s a little hard to summarize all of it. You have lots of planeswalkers, you have Heart of Kiran on offense and defense, you have removal, and lots of artifacts that tap things. You even have Mechanized Production to try and combo win, or simply make copies of your artifacts. While it might look like the Chandra will be difficult to cast, you have 4 Spire of Industry, 4 Aether Hub, a Spirebluff Canal, and 4 Prophetic Prism to handle the double-red. That’s not even including the Etherium Cells from Tezzeret the Schemer.

Let’s see how the deck performs.

This is definitely my kind of deck. You’re doing so many different things, and you can win by various means. I won by Heart of Kiran attacks, I won by Liliana emblems, and I had the potential to win by Mechanized Production! I did find a few holes that I’d like to see shored up.

You might have noticed if you took a look at Brian DeMars’ article that the other version of the deck had some number of Fatal Push. This would have been quite useful here, as the two decks I lost to were aggressive decks that swarm the board. You actually have very little removal outside of tapping down threats, so I wouldn’t mind having something more than Grasp of Darkness. On that note, another Yahenni’s Expertise or two in the main deck or sideboard might be a necessity. Worth noting is that Fatal Push would also stop the problematic Vehicles we’re seeing.

Speaking of lots of different things going on, I think you want one less Heart of Kiran. For one thing, you have zero creatures outside of Herald of Anguish that will crew it. That means that for 3 legendary Vehicles, the only way you have to crew them is by removing a counter from one of your six planeswalkers. It just seems like a pretty narrow use to have 3 copies of Heart of Kiran. I can see wanting to use this as a 2-mana artifact to improvise things with and I can also see wanting to simply have the option of keeping a potential 4/4 flyer on defense, but I don’t think those negate the tragedy of drawing multiples when they’re blanks. This was especially disheartening when I would cast a Yahenni’s Expertise and only have a second Heart of Kiran in hand to cast for free.

Also, feel free to replace the Implement of Combustion with practically anything. I get that it can draw a card, but it’s just so out of place and underwhelming.

I think this deck is a great place to start and I’m glad to see Jay had some solid results with it. I would love to either cut the red, or conversely, go a little deeper on the number of red cards, most notably more Chandras. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you later!


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