Grand Prix Vegas Spotlight – Artists

Hey folks! I’m back once again to tell you wonderful things about Modern Masters Weekend, and specifically, Grand Prix Las Vegas. We’re very excited to see that Magic history is already being made—I don’t think a GP has ever had preregistration go quite as fast as Grand Prix Chiba did. Coincidentally, we also broke through the 4,000-prereg barrier for Las Vegas on the same day that Chiba hit its max capacity. That means that we’ve locked in the following Registration Rewards so far:

Unlimited Timetwister
Revised Plateau
Revised Badlands
Revised Savannah
Revised Taiga
Revised Tropical Island
Revised Scrubland
Khans of Tarkir Booster Box
Fate Reforged Booster Box
Dragons of Tarkir Booster Box
Unlimited Mox Ruby
Foil Cryptic Command (LRW)
Foil Damnation (PLC)
Foil Linvala, Keeper of Silence (ROE)
Foil Noble Hierarch (CON)
Revised Tundra
Foil Sensei’s Divining Top (CHK)
Foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (ROE)
Foil Snapcaster Mage (INN)
Foil Arid Mesa (ZEN)
Unlimited Mox Pearl

We’ve got plenty more amazing rewards coming as well—check out http://www.grandprixvegas.com/registration_rewards for all the details. We’ve actually got a Registration rewards bonus going on right now that you might have heard about on Twitter. We want to break the Grand Prix attendance record (4,492 players at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2013), and we’re getting close. We’ve already got a special Registration Reward set up for that—when we hit 4,493 preregistrations, we’re awarding one eligible player a box of Modern Masters 2013. With that in mind, if we make it to 4,493 preregistrations before the finals of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir ends, we’ll pick a second eligible player and award them a box of Modern Masters 2013 as well!

Rewards aren’t the only reason to preregister now, though. We’ve got an incredible lineup of artists who will be at Grand Prix Las Vegas to sign and alter cards and sell prints, posters, proofs, and maybe even originals! These are some of the best artists in Magic. They have amazing portfolios and they’re all very excited to be at this historic event. Oh, and did I mention there are 30 of them—more than any GP has ever had by a wide margin? Here’s the rundown:

  • Pete Venters
  • Richard Kane Ferguson
  • Jeff Miracola
  • Aaron Miller
  • Alex Horley-Orlandelli
  • Karla Ortiz
  • Zack Stella
  • Christopher Rush
  • Lucas Graciano
  • Ken Meyer Jr
  • Jason A. Engle
  • rk post
  • John Severin Brassell
  • Thomas M. Baxa
  • Steve Argyle
  • Jung Park
  • Bryon Wackwitz
  • Kieran Yanner
  • Howard Lyon
  • Chris Rahn
  • Chuck Lukacs
  • Aleksi Briclot
  • Eric Deschamps
  • Jeff A. Menges
  • Ryan Alexander Lee
  • Yeong-Hao Han
  • Yohann Schepacz
  • Dan Scott
  • Drew Baker
  • Raymond Swanland

These 30 artists are responsible for art for almost 2,000 cards between them—an impressive group, to be sure. Start digging through your collections now. Remember to tip the artists!

We’ll also have over 40 vendors on site so that you can buy, sell, and trade to your heart’s content. In addition to traditional card vendors that work with singles, we’ll have “lifestyle vendors” selling their own Magic-related products directly to you at Grand Prix Las Vegas. We aren’t quite ready to reveal all the vendors yet, but if you can wait until next week, I promise you’ll enjoy the list.

What else is new? Well, we’ve published some details about the Prize Wall (with more to come)—you can find those here. We’ve got the main event playmat published. Oh, and we now know that each player in the GP Las Vegas main event will be receiving a copy of this beauty:

GP Las Vegas Spotlight 51

This is sort of a “throwback style” LSV token, with that Garvas Elscott mustache and the aviators. Luis even asked Steve at one point to make the mustache bigger, and I’m quite glad he did. If you’re rocking Young Pyromancer or anything else that makes 1/1 red Elementals, we definitely think you’ll want to trade for some of these—although, based on the historical context of that mustache, you might need to watch out for Bonfires.

There are just so many reasons to preregister for Grand Prix Las Vegas, and as usual, I can’t possibly fit them all in this article. If you haven’t already done so, head on over to GrandPrixVegas.com and preregister if you’re planning on attending. Honestly, I wish I could play, but let’s say I’ve never been more excited for work than I am for this.


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