Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotlight – Registration Rewards and #MTGArtMadness

Hey everyone! It seems like all I do these days is talk about Grand Prix Las Vegas. (Don’t worry, I’m working on some Commander content in the background.) That being said, I can’t help it if Grand Prix Las Vegas is going to be the most exciting event ever! We’re already well on our way to making Magic history, and I’d like to tell you a bit more about that.

First off, let’s talk Registration Rewards. If you haven’t heard about Registration Rewards, click this banner to check it out:

Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotlight 21

Here’s how it works: Everyone who preregisters for Grand Prix Las Vegas is entered into Registration Rewards. Every time we hit a “registration milestone”—every 100 preregistrations starting at 2,000, we pick an eligible entrant at random to win a cool prize that they can pick up at Grand Prix Las Vegas! (As far as eligibility goes, you should just read the contest rules here.)

What are those prizes? Well, you can check out the full list at the Registration Rewards site, but if you’d like some examples, here you go. As of this writing we’re at 2,701 preregistrations for Grand Prix Las Vegas, which means the following prizes have already been awarded:

Unlimited Timetwister
Revised Plateau
Revised Badlands
Revised Savannah
Revised Taiga
Revised Tropical Island
Revised Scrubland
Khans of Tarkir Booster Box

We’ve got lots of cool rewards still to come, including the rest of the Power 9, with a Black Lotus at the 10,000 preregistration mark. We know Magic players love value, so we’ll let you in on the secret: the best way to get more chances to win is to preregister early and get your friends to preregister too!

Of course, the chance to win cool stuff is not the only reason to preregister for Grand Prix Las Vegas. We’re working hard to make sure that Grand Prix Las Vegas will be an enjoyable event, and I’ve got some information that might help you enjoy the event—and Las Vegas—even more.

First of all, put aside your preconceived notions of Grand Prix venues and meet the Las Vegas Convention Center:

Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotlight 22

The LVCC is a beautiful space with lots of great features and amenities. Driving? Well, the LVCC has spaces for 5,000 cars, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot. Hungry? The LVCC has two restaurants and 18 permanent concession stands. (We’ve heard rumors of a Starbucks.) Tired of lugging around all the bulky #MTGMM2015 boxes you’ve won? Ship them home from the FedEx location in the venue! Most importantly, it’s a spacious venue, and we’ve got plenty of room for all the players, vendors, and artists who will be attending.

Next, let’s talk hotels. We’ve got a room block booked right across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Westgate Las Vegas. Rooms are available for as little as $99 a night, which sounds pretty good to me—as a judge I rarely have the opportunity to get a good deal on a hotel right next to the venue, so I’m sure players have many of the same difficulties. Room blocks don’t last forever, so I recommend booking in advance. (Now is a good time!)

Of course, you might decide to spend time exploring Las Vegas, in which case you’ll need some way to get around. The Las Vegas Convention Center is located right on the Las Vegas Monorail line, and the Westgate has its own station as well. From there you can easily navigate to the heart of Las Vegas and enjoy the entertainment or restaurant of your choice!

I mentioned artists earlier, and you’ve probably been watching the #MTGArtMadness hashtag on Twitter, but if you haven’t, you should know that we’ve been announcing an artist for #GPVegas on Twitter every day in March so far. I’m writing this on March 16th, which means we’ve announced 16 artists so far. Here they are in the order we’ve announced them:

Check out the full list and any updates on the Grand Prix Vegas website!

Okay, I think I’ve given you all of the information I have for now. Keep watching for more awesome updates about #GPVegas, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter—we’re @ChannelFireball, and we have tons of artist updates, Registration Rewards updates, and more to share with you!

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