#GPVegas Modern Masters 2015 Sealed Practice

Grand Prix Las Vegas and Modern Masters 2015 are fast approaching! For many of the players in the tournament it will effectively be a grandiose prerelease. To help you foray into Modern Masters 2015 I built a randomly generated Sealed pool. Reading articles on ChannelFireball will certainly help you prepare for GP Vegas, but I encourage you to also build your own Sealed pools. Modern Masters is made up of 100% reprints—this means that it is possible to practice before the set is officially released:

• Generate a random sealed pool online and build it.
• Have a friend do the same.
• Build the decks on Magic Online or with paper cards.

For this pool we spoilered my deck list so you can figure out your own build first, otherwise just click on “My Build” at the bottom to see how I’d do it.

Sealed Pool







Artifact and Colorless


My Build

A Sealed pool can be overwhelming—there are far too many possibilities to consider within the time you’ll have to build during a Grand Prix. In this particular pool: red and black stood out to me with several strong aggressive cards that synergize with each other. There are a lot of cool and fancy archetypes possible in Modern Masters 2015—my hope is that an aggressive deck like the one I built can punish people who dilly-dally around with their Simic Growth Chambers and such.

Specific Choices

Goblin Fireslinger – Though 1 damage a turn is mediocre, the Fireslinger deserves inclusion. Fireslinger provides unblockable guaranteed damage for bloodthirst to enable my most powerful cheap creatures, Stormblood Berserker & Blood Ogre.
Flayer Husk and Bone Splinters – I wanted to play Bone Splinters to kill creatures with greater than 3 toughness. Flayer Husk provides a disposable Germ to sacrifice as well as +1/+1 to my many evasive creatures.
No Creakwood Liege – This is a powerful card, but I cannot support its mana cost.
No Bouncelands – Bouncelands provide pure card advantage and allow you to cheat on the number of lands in a deck, often 16 in a deck with a high curve. This deck is too reliant on an untapped land turns 1-3 to play any tapped lands.

Tell me what you would do differently, whether it’s playing Tumble Magnet in my deck or playing an entirely new green/white deck.


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