GP Las Vegas Spotlight – Grand Prix Trial Promotion

Hey folks! I’m back to talk about Grand Prix Las Vegas. First off, I want to say how happy I am that we keep hitting these Registration Rewards milestones. As I write this we’re at about 3,150 players registered, which puts us past the Unlimited Mox Ruby and very close to a foil Planar Chaos Damnation. (That reminds me, I need one of those for my Cube… guess I’ll bring some trades to the GP.)

Next, let’s talk artists. As of me finalizing this piece we have 20 artists revealed! Since my last article we’ve added the following artists to our lineup:

Bryon Wackwitz 
Kieran Yanner 
Howard Lyon 
Chris Rahn

For the full list you should make sure to visit http://www.grandprixvegas.com/vendors__artists. This is a historic group of incredible artists. I’ve never seen anything like this at a GP before, and it’s hard to say if and when something like this will ever happen again. It’s almost like “Making Magic History” is our theme!

Let’s take a minute and talk about byes for a second. Grand Prix Las Vegas isn’t exactly shaping up to be small, and byes are already pretty desirable. Don’t forget that if you’re not in possession of a lot of Pro Points or Planeswalker Points, you’ll probably want to find a Grand Prix Trial near you and play for two byes. The Wizards Event Locator is a pretty helpful tool for this. We’re trying to add a little oomph to the Grand Prix Trials for Las Vegas though, which is why we’re teaming up with some Advanced and Advanced+ stores to provide some extra prizes!

We’ll be sending each participating store a Planeswalker Upgrade coupon to give to the winners of their GPTs—that means that if you win a GPT at a participating store, you’ll be able to enjoy Grand Prix Las Vegas in style! As a reminder, here’s what you get if you use that coupon to upgrade your registration:

  • Sleep-in Special (for your shiny new 2 byes!)
  • Sealed pool preregistration
  • Access to the Planeswalker Lounges
  • A GP Las Vegas deck box
  • A pack of GP Las Vegas sleeves
  • A CFB Water Bottle
  • A CFB Drawstring Bag to hold all your swag

Suddenly winning a GPT sounds even better. If your local store is running a GPT, make sure to ask them about this!

Even if you don’t win the GPT, you might be able to score some value, as we’re also sending some $10-off coupons for the Bounty Sealed events we’ll be running at #GPVegas. (Details about those are forthcoming—watch for the side events schedule in the coming days.)

What if you can’t attend a GPT or you’re already so awesome that you have 2 or more byes? Well, good news—you can still get some cool stuff at participating FNMs! Participating organizers will be receiving some of those $10-off Bounty Event coupons as well as a smaller number of free Booster Draft coupons.

Did I mention we’ll have tons of Modern Masters 2015 product to draft with at Grand Prix Las Vegas? I should probably also mention that those free Booster Draft coupons will get you entry into one of those Modern Masters 2015 Booster Drafts. For free. We here at ChannelFireball really love value, and I think that shows with this particular giveaway.

I can’t wait to tell you more about Grand Prix Las Vegas, but I think that’s enough for today. I hope you’re enjoying your prereleases, and I’ll be back soon with more info! Remember to follow us on Twitter @ChannelFireball and join our Facebook event for up-to-the-minute info!


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