More Info on Mystery Boosters

November 11th Update

Today across several articles, more information about Mystery Booster was revealed. We now know the set has 1,694 cards, not counting the Playtest sheet. The introductory article also confirmed that the in-store edition would not have these Playtest cards but would instead have one of 121 premium foil cards that are not otherwise in the Mystery Booster set. The in-store edition goes on sale March 13th, 2019. The announcement also includes the complete list of reprints while this article provides the artist credits for the Playtest cards.

First Look at Mystery Boosters and Playtest Cards

Today at MagicFest Richmond, Magic players got their first look at the Mystery Booster – Convention Edition. At a special sealed event players were treated to opening packs and finding some things that were familiar, and some that took the room by surprise.

While information is still trickling in, it appears each Mystery Booster pack contains a “Playtest Card”. Whether these are actual designs that were discarded or cards created specifically for this environment, they all appear as a “playtest sticker” rather than a traditional card. They are emblazoned with the words “Not for constructed play” across the bottom and have some unique and bizarre effects. Some appear to be inside jokes. The remaining cards in each pack are pulled from the history of Magic – the oldest card seen at the time of writing hails from Mirage – and each pack appears to have two rares.

Mystery Booster – Convention Edition will be available at MagicFests and other conventions for the remainder of 2019 and through 2020, while supplies last. We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.

Mystery Booster Playtest Cards

Barry's Land Playtest Card Chronobot Playtest Card Control Win Condition Playtest Card Domesticated Mammoth Playtest Card Enroll in the Coalition Playtest Card Frontier Explorer Playtest Card Generated Horizons Playtest Card Gorilla Tactics Playtest Card Gunk Slug Playtest Card High Troller Playtest Card Impatient Iguana Playtest Card Lazier Goblin Playtest Card Mana Abundance Playtest Card Mirrored Lotus Playtest Card One with Death Playtest Card Personal Decoy Playtest Card Plane-Merge Elf Playtest Card Puresteel Angel Playtest Card Recycla-bird Playtest Card Sliv-Mizzet, Hivemind Playtest Card Slivdrazi Monstrosity Playtest Card Smelt // Herd // Saw Playtest Card Spellmorph Raise Dead Playtest Card Taiga Stadium Playtest Card Time Sidewalk Playtest Card Transcantation Playtest Card Truth or Dare Playtest Card Unicycle Playtest Card Vazal the Compleat Playtest Card Whammy Burn Playtest Card Zyym Mesmeric Lord Playtest Card Bear with Set's Mechanic Playtest Card Biting Remark Playtest CardLantern of Undersight Playtest CardTibalt the Chaotic Gold Mine Playtest Card from Mystery Boosters at MagicFest RichmondWaste land Gold Mine Playtest Card from Mystery Boosters at MagicFest RichmondCelestine Cave Witch Playtest CardDomesticated Watercourse Playtest CardHow to Keep an Izzet Mage Busy Playtest CardPriority Avenger Playtest CardSiege Elemental Playtest CardGold Mine Playtest Card from Mystery Boosters at MagicFest RichmondGraveyard Dig Gold Mine Playtest Card from Mystery Boosters at MagicFest RichmondSeek Bolas's Counsel Gold Mine Playtest Card from Mystery Boosters at MagicFest RichmondStart // Fire Playtest Card


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