Field Ban + Historic Power Rankings Update – Week of 8/24/20

My early post-Field-ban Historic rankings

  1. Coco/Bolas’s Citadel decks (Abzan, Jund, Golgari)
  2. RB Kroxa
  3. Goblins
  4. Monored
  5. Gruul Aggro
  6. Uro Ramp
  7. UW Control
  8. UW Auras
  9. Mono-Black Aggro
  10. Kethis

My pick for deck of the week:

R/B Kroxa

Field of the Dead just got banned in Historic. It honestly was to be expected, because anyone who played against this card before, even in Standard, realized that during the last ban announcement, WotC pretty clearly didn’t really spend too much focus on the Historic format.

Part of that reason was probably that there is a Mythic Invitational in about 2 weeks, which was going to really test the format and then they would see if there need to be any changes.

Information, decklists and the metagame in the Magic world moves really quickly these days, though, and everyone figured out pretty quickly that Field of the Dead, combined with the free ramp from Growth Spiral, Explore and Uro, was just too powerful.

Now that Field is gone, the best cards in the format are Thoughtseize, Collected Company, Mucus, Bolas’s Citadel and I think I have to put Kroxa in this company as well.

I first noticed this R/B Graveyard deck on the ladder some time last week and it quickly reminded me of the power of Stitcher’s Supplier. In a dedicated graveyard deck, this card can sometimes feel almost as strong as Ancestral Recall. The deck quickly evolved from “an interesting RB Kroxa deck I just played against” to what I think is one of the strongest decks in the format right now.

My version currently looks like this and we will be bringing you a deck guide as soon as possible.

With Field gone, I expect Control decks to be a little bit better because now they won’t always lose the end game for free because there is Field in play on the other side of the board.

U/W Auras should also get better, because Sultai Field was one of it’s worst matchups. The combination of Thoughtseize and Extinction Event getting around Selfless Savior/Karametra’s Blessing was just too deadly.

The Collected Company + Bolas’s Citadel decks look the strongest to me now. You have access to three of the absolute best cards in the format (Thoughtseize, CoCo, Citadel), the only question is what is the best version.

Jund gives you access to Mayhem Devil, which is probably the best if the new metagame turns out to be creature heavy. Abzan gives you better creatures against non-creature decks where you just want to focus on draining them out as soon as possible and also Knight of Autumn, which is a good answer to a potential Grafdigger’s Cage. Golgari has good answers too with Maelstorm Pulse, Vraska and Reclamation Sage, but you want to play as few non-creature cards as possible, especially if you are also bringing in Thoughtseize.

If Bastion of Remembrance was a creature you could hit in Collected Company, I would probably prefer Golgari as well.

As for the other decks, Goblins are still strong, but suffer splash damage from Grafdigger’s Cage being one of the best cards against Collected Company (it also stops your Muxus trigger). Mono-Red and Gruul have game against everything because of their speed combined with Embercleave.

I expect the Ramp decks to still be strong as well, they will just have to work harder for their wins. Growth Spiral, Explore and Uro is an incredibly strong base for any deck. I can see Golos replacing Hour of Promise again, maybe even a return to Nissa, Who Shakes the World, in combination with Ugin and Ulamog as the top end.

I’m not quite sure where to place control decks like Azorius, because while they have great tools to succeed, we haven’t really seen the best of them yet due to Field decks completely dominating them. I have a feeling that the surging popularity of the R/B Kroxa graveyard deck spells bad news for Control decks, though.

As for Kethis (and the Breach combo), I’m also not quite sure if it even still belongs in tier 1. The loss of T3feri is huge, because now the deck doesn’t have a free answer to any problematic permanent like Grafdigger’s Cage or Scavenging Ooze. I’m sure we will find out at the Mythic Invitational, though, where all the great Magic minds will get to work, trying to break the format.


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