February Arena State of the Game

The February MTG Arena State of the Game was released today. The game will update on February 11th. Here’s what you need to know.


While the upcoming World Championships will feature Draft, the Draft itself will take place with physical cards with the decks then imported to Arena. The program has implemented a Direct Challenge feature to allow the competitors to play the rounds digitally. This feature will allow all Arena users to add both Draft and Sealed Decks to their library for use in Direct Challenge games.

While in-person drafts will not be on Arena in time for the World Championship, they are slated to arrive in a game update later this year.

World Championship Showcase

Continuing with the World Championship Theme, the Showcase event will let the average player try their hand at piloting the decks of the World Championship. This free-to-enter event will let players select one of the 16 decks from the tournament to play best-of-one matches. The third win will unlock a special World Championship card sleeve. The World Championship Showcase will run from February 14 to February 17.

Festival of the Gods

Starting February 22nd, Arena will offer alternative constructed play formats themed around the different Gods of Theros Beyond Death. The events will be available for three days, with each week offering a different twist on Magic. The event will cost 2500 gold or 500 gems.

Workshop Series

In an effort to expand no-fee Constructed formats, the Workshop Series is being implemented to offer different experiences. These events will be available for 48 hours, starting on a Monday and will have different rewards. For February, the events include Power and Glory using preconstructed Brawl decks, Heroes of Theroes using 7 win decks from Limited events, and Uncharted Paths using off-meta Standard decks.

Ranked Drafts

The system for Ranked Draft is changing. Theros Beyond Death will be the Ranked Draft format from February 14th-27th. After that it will take a two week break before returning for two weeks. There will be no secondary Ranked Draft option. This system is being tested in order to boost participation in Ranked Drafts.

Nyx Lands

The full-art Theros Beyond Death Nyx Basic Lands will be available in the Arena store. Each will cost 3000 gold. Once purchased, there will be no limit to the number of Nyx lands of the appropriate type you can include in a deck.

Event Design

As Arena introduces more Constructed options, there is an opportunity for feedback. Game Director Jay Parker and Executive Producer Chris Cao will be hosting an “Ask Me Almost Anything” on r/MagicArena on February 10th at 11am Pacific Time.


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