Exclusive Worldwake Preview – Admonition Angel


I’m sure that everyone first and foremost wants to see the card, so with no further ado, here is Admonition Angel:

Admonition Angel


It’s like a Roil Elemental. A really really big Roil Elemental, that instead of stealing guys, can exile them, and can even hit other permanents to boot! This Angel might be a bit on the expensive side for most Constructed formats, but a six mana 6/6 with a solid ability is worth taking into account, and the more landfall cards that get printed, the more likely a deck with a strong landfall theme will want them. Rampaging Baloths has seen some play, and it has a very similar effect. Admonition Angel even crushes the Baloths in a head-to-head fight, although that won’t come up very often!

With fetchlands, Knight of the Reliquary, and Green acceleration, it shouldn’t be unheard of to see a turn four Angel, which will dominate the board if not dealt with. Excellent against Broodmate tokens (although I would recommend against removing the Broodmate Dragon itself!), one of the key ways to maximize Angel is to make sure you get value even when it dies. You could even go so far as to remove some of your own permanents, as long as they have beneficial enterstheKnight of the White Orchid abilities, which will give you a nice bonus if the Angel does indeed end up getting removed.

As for Limited, it seems pretty obvious that the Angel is a bomb. Six mana is alot, especially in Zendikar Limited, but a 6/6 is pretty hard to kill, and if you get to lay a land afterward, it goes a long way towards making up for the cost of the card. Admonition Angel again draws a parallel to Roil Elemental, except that it doesn’t die to numerous spells which easily killed the Elemental (Disfigure, Burst Lightning, Inferno Trap, Blazing Torch, Torch Slinger, Marsh Casualties, and more besides!). The Angel being so hard to kill elevates it far above Roil Elemental, and cements it firmly in the “bomb” camp. Come the Worldwake Prerelease, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a few of these (I say “a few” because I am greedy) staring out of my booster packs.

Of course, we also have a few other interesting cards to show today:

Dread Statuary 


This certainly confirms the cycle of manlands, along with Celestial Colonnade, even if it seems a little unwieldy. Having to pay a ton of mana each turn does become taxing, and two toughness doesn’t lend itself very well to ambushing. Still, bashing for four a turn does have its merits.


Halimar Excavator

The Excavator is keeping the Hedron Crab dream alive! This guy being common makes an Ally-based milling deck a definite possibility in Limited, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends many a game. I would offer a word of caution: people love milling decks, and I expect Excavators to be overdrafted initially, so don’t count on getting 2 or 3 of them.

Mysteries of the Deep


Now this is a card I can get behind! Instant-speed card draw hasn’t been seen for many a set, and although this takes a little bit of work (read: a fetchland) to be worth it, five mana for three cards as an instant is within the realm of acceptable. Before this, Standard decks playing countermagic had no useful way to use their mana on turns that the opponent didn’t do anything, and Mysteries of the Deep solves that problem. I could definitely see this replacing Mind Spring in a counter-heavy version of UWR, and am excited to try it.

Ruthless Cullblade 


Uh oh, another Vampire for the deck which I can never beat. Cullblade doesn’t beat for a ton of damage when it’s needed most, so its future in Constructed is negotiable, but it is a pretty cheap threat for any deck that wants Vampires. A contender in Block, it will also be pretty awesome in Limited. A two-mana 2/1 is already more than fine, and growing to a 4/2 at some point in the game makes this guy very dangerous.

Skitter of Lizards


He may not be Joraga Warcaller, but he will do just fine for Limited. I don’t really see a price point where he would be worth it in Constructed, but a five mana 3/3 Haste is not bad in 40-card formats, and having the option of growing it into a monster late game is a nice bonus. Still, does anyone else think it should be “Creature – Lizards” ? You are clearly summoning a number of Lizards, with one more for each two mana you spend, so the creature type should reflect that (yes, I understand that templating and consistency forbids it, but I just wanted to point it out).

Anyways, that’s that for the Worldwake previews we have today. A bunch of strong Limited cards (one of which might spawn its own archetype), and a few interesting options for Constructed. Much like everyone else, I am very interested in seeing what Worldwake brings in its entirety!



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