Exclusive Ikoria Preview Card – Neutralize

Today I have the pleasure of revealing a sweet preview card that our friends at Wizards of the Coast gave me. It’s a card that’s deceptively powerful, and while not as flashy as some of what we’ve seen in Ikoria, it will get the job done. Take a look at Neutralize!


A 3-mana counter with cycling is exactly what the doctor ordered for control decks, as this provides you a lot of protection at a very low opportunity cost. Let’s go over why I love this card so much:

  • 3-mana counters are great against large threats, of which Ikoria has many
  • The biggest drawback to leaving counters up is that you waste mana if your opponent doesn’t play anything – cycling gives you a way to use that mana and trade this for something more useful
  • Cycling this on turn two can help you keep hands you otherwise couldn’t
  • Because cycling makes this never dead, decks that normally wouldn’t play counters can play this at a lower cost

All told I’m very impressed with Neutralize, and I look forward to Neutralizing some Godzillas in this upcoming Standard. Hey, it can be rewarding to be the fun police every now and then.


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