Eternal Masters Preview Card: Dack Fayden

“Dack Fayden is the greatest thief in the multiverse” – Marshall Sutcliffe, 2013

This sentence was my first introduction to Dack Fayden. The scene of the crime was the World Championships in Amsterdam, and that’s where I learned how great of a thief Dack truly was. The ad reads for that tournament involved Marshall saying the above line about twice per hour, every hour, since Dack was the protagonist of a comic book series. Little did I know that he would later be one of the most influential cards in Vintage.

While I do question whether the greatest thief would truly let everyone know that he’s the greatest thief, know they do, and at this point you’ve probably figured out that he is making an appearance in Eternal Masters.

Dack Fayden_EN_HRR

Dack is an incredibly sweet card. He plays very well and does so without making any flavor sacrifices at all.

His -2 ability is exactly what you’d expect a thief to do, steal artifacts, and it’s a big part of why he’s so good in Vintage. Slamming Dack and taking a Mox is a huge game, and I’ve seen him pick up a Wurmcoil Engine or Lodestone Golem when they are on the board (though that is a slight flavor break).

His +1 lets you churn through your deck rapidly, fuels delve, and combines very well with Gush. Dack is all about options, and if you have Dack in play for any number of turns, you are seeing tons and tons of cards.

I’m very much looking forward to the return of the greatest thief in the multiverse, and am happy that more people are going to get to play with (and against) him in days to come.


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