Deck Highlight – Standard Esper Doom

Did Esper Doom get… better with rotation? It’s entirely possible.

The key cards are still here, Doom Foretold and Dance of the Manse. You’ve still got powerful enchantments in Elspeth Conquers Death, Omen of the Sea and Shark Typhoon. So what do we get with Zendikar Rising?

First off – the deck loses a lot of predators. Aggro decks are less consistent and the high-powered midrange strategies have been taken down a peg. Zendikar gives us access to another late game powerhouse in Emeria’s Call, as well as Ondu Inversion and the extremely potent Bloodchief’s Thirst for versatile removal.

This deck was a sleeper before rotation, it might just have the power to break into the metagame’s highest tier now.


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