Eldrazi Brew Fest – Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Eldrazi Brew Fest! We received a cornucopia of brews across a variety of colors—all with the common goal of attacking with fatty Eldrazi aliens.

Ramp is one of my favorite archetypes, if not my absolute favorite. I have strong Timmy sentiments. I like to cast 10-drops. Fortunately, Standard is primed to let this happen. The rotation slowed the format down and gave us the gift of awesome new ramp tools and massive haymakers.

There are a lot of possible directions to go in every possible color. Let’s take a look at some of our options moving forward, pulled from among your Brew Fest submissions.

Mono-Green Eldrazi Ramp

The first place to start with Eldrazi is Mono-Green ramp. This method is simple, relatively budget, and cuts straight to the chase. The tools available allow you to curve 2-drop into 4-drop into 6-drop into turn-5 Eldrazi. The 6-drops are especially exciting as Conduit of Ruin and Nissa’s Renewal are both great at stabilizing and at setting up.

Preston Masters

Mono-Colorless Eldrazi Ramp

Next up, how about a Mono-Colorless Eldrazi Ramp? While still technically “mono-green,” this approach goes all-in on Eldrazi and takes maximum advantage of colorless lands. In addition, you get to use powerful artifact tools like Hangarback Walker and Ghostfire Blade.

Matthew Morgan Taylor

Green/Red Eldrazi Ramp

Now let’s dip into red to accommodate honorary Eldrazi Dragonlord Atarka. If you’re heading to 10 mana, why not stop at 8 along the way for this giant, board-dominating Dragon?

Craig Berry

Abzan Eldrazi

The midrange Eldrazi are also exciting, and can work well in an Abzan shell. Using Stasis Snare and Abzan Charm to exile their best creatures sets up a value-packed Brood Monitor which can lead to Bane of Bala Ged turning sideways.

Andrew Wilson

Mono-Black Eldrazi Ramp

I’m a sucker for mono-black control and I know I’m not alone. Drawing cards and destroying creatures is a way to drag the game on to the point of casting 10-drops without having to ramp the traditional way. Black has a lot of tools to make this work and targeted discard like Transgress the Mind can help win the Eldrazi mirror matches.

Scott McNamara’s Mono-Black Eldrazi Control

Eldrazi Control

Mono-Black isn’t the only way to make a strong Eldrazi control deck. We can go blue/black, blue/green, or other. What I particularly like about this approach is the use of Dig Through Time. I absolutely love this card, and since it’s banned in Modern and now Legacy, our best bet is using it in Standard to grab an Ulamog and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods.

Aaron He

Reanimating Eldrazi

So far we’ve been focusing on casting Eldrazi, but there are a few good options for reanimation as well. Imagine using Necromantic Summons to reanimate a 12-power hasty Breaker of Armies that pulls their entire team into its path? I’m into it!

Shai Sober

Blue/Green Eldrazi Ramp

Personally, I am most excited about how to get the most mana THE FASTEST, and from what we’ve seen the tool for that is Retreat to Coralhelm. With fetchlands this thing can actually power out turn-4 Ulamogs, Desolation Twins, or Void Winnowers. Nothing else seems to be able to cast the biggest Eldrazi as quickly, so I’m most interested in working on this.

Retreat to Coralhelm plus fetchlands can turn into an extra 4-6 mana with a Shaman of Forgotten Ways. Seems busted.

Dave Jennings

“Consider the Retreat to Coralhelm + Knight of the Reliquary combo that we see available in Modern right now, and apply that to Shaman of Forgotten Ways.

T1 Forest.

T2 Island, Rattleclaw.

T3 Retreat, play fetch to get two more mana from the Rattleclaw, tap the newly fetched Forest/new dual land, play Shaman of Forgotten Ways.

T4 Shaman taps for 6 using a fetch, so we now have 4 untapped lands and a Rattleclaw, so 11 mana, play Ulamog with Rattleclaw untapped for Stubborn Denial when they try to remove it.”

Brewing with Standard Eldrazi

While there are even more directions you can go (and plenty more sweet brews) that should be enough to really get you started. What’s certain is that, although a “best” method may develop, it will be one among many. However it happens, Eldrazi will be cast, and I’m excited to do it myself.

I’m curious what you think—which Eldrazi brews have you the most excited? What do you think has the most potential? And what else in this set do you think needs more attention?

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