Eidolon of the Great Revel in… Jeskai Spirits?

Eidolon of the Great Revel single-handedly beats entire strategies such as Storm and KCI, so yes, you should play it! But what about playing Eidolon in a deck that isn’t centered around red? And perhaps isn’t a Burn deck? And is, just maybe, a U/W based Spirits deck?!

It definitely sounds crazy to consider playing a 2-drop RR creature in a deck that isn’t even base red, but hear me out. What you’re getting in Eidolon is an extremely powerful creature that is at the very heart of the burn strategy. So how does it fit into a U/W (now Jeskai) Spirits deck?

Eidolon is the type of creature that demands a removal spell immediately. Casting other spells when you’re under pressure and taking incidental Eidolon damage is a tall order, but we’re talking about a 2-mana, 2-toughness, enchantment creature. It gets hit by just about every removal spell you could ever consider playing in Modern, including something like Nature’s Claim! So how about adding some of Modern’s best Spirits to help protect this powerful creature?

While having Spirit lords to simply pump the Eidolon, such as Supreme Phantom, is definitely nice and can make things a bit more challenging for the opponent, there aren’t too many widely played effects that deal 2 damage. Drogskol Captain, however, will both pump the Eidolon and give it hexproof. This means that the opponent will have to kill the Captain before going after the Eidolon, which also likely means multiple damage triggers if they’re fortunate enough to have the answers.

You also have access to some of the most aggressive Spirits in the format that protect other creatures. Mausoleum Wanderer has been proving how strong it is in the format as an aggressive 1-drop that features evasion and disruption. Taxing a spell a single mana can easily be enough when under the pressure of an Eidolon and that’s before factoring in being able to cast other Spirits or having a lord in play. Rattlechains hasn’t been the best Spirit in Bant versions of the deck, but it goes up in value with Eidolons to protect.

Remand is another card that has fallen out of favor a bit in Modern as many of the spells you would want to target aren’t particularly expensive. While you’d be taking your own Eidolon damage from a Remand, you make them spend their mana again, take another hit from the trigger, all while drawing a card! Spell Queller is yet another way to punish them by adding another clock to the battlefield, forcing them to spend extra spells and thus take extra damage to resolve them.

Adding a double-red spell to a deck isn’t easy, but Modern’s mana is strong. Without any need for double blue or double white, you can work the fetches and shocks to make it happen. When paired with a playset of Aether Vials, getting your key Spirits into play is simple.

We haven’t seen much experimentation with Eidolon of the Great Revel, and I’m excited to see someone having success with it in a shell outside of Burn. This is one of the most powerful creatures in the game and you might be seeing even more of it than you’re used to!

Eidolons and Spirits

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