Dream Eater is the New Torrential Gearhulk

Dream Eater is my favorite card from Guilds to Ravnica, and I think it’s the next Torrential Gearhulk.

A 6-mana 4/3 with flash and flying is a powerful, evasive threat. Flash makes it very strong against control strategies—forcing them to tap out on their turn—and against creatures decks, since it makes it harder for them to attack into 6 open mana.

On top of that, Dream Eater comes with two extra abilities. The first is surveil 4, which is a new mechanic we haven’t explored before. At first glance it might seem like scry 4, but it’s much, since Guilds of Ravnica brings another new mechanic: jump-start, particularly Chemister’s Insight. Scry 4 is a lot, and will guarantee you good card selection.

The last ability is to bounce a nonland permanent—a huge bonus that will swing games from Limited to Standard.

Today I’ll look at two decks from the previous Standard format that could be good homes for Dream Eater.

U/W Control

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is still around, and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While U/W Control doesn’t have access to Hallowed Fountain yet, I believe it will still be one of the tier 1 decks in Standard.

Chemister’s Insight and Sinister Sabotage are the perfect replacements for Glimmer of Genius and Disallow. They might even be better!

Dream Eater, like Torrential Gearhulk, is a huge threat that plays well with Settle the Wreckage and countermagic. It will help you look for more counters with its surveil 4, making it the perfect card to shut the door.

Disdainful Stroke is fine, situational countermagic alongside Essence Scatter, Negate, and Syncopate.

In the sideboard, you can switch gears and bring in History of Benalia and Lyra Dawnbringer, who will totally change the dimension of the deck to surprise your opponents when paired with Dream Eater and Shield Mare.


Turbofog burst onto the Standard scene with M19, but then was pushed out of the metagame by the adaptable B/R Aggro. If the format is full of Mono-Green Aggro and G/W Tokens, then this deck will easily accomplish its plan of controlling the game and taking over with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.

Chemister’s Insight and Discovery // Dispersal are two nice additions to the deck. The first is a card advantage engine, sometimes worse than Glimmer of Genius as it doesn’t let you dig deeper, but sometimes better as it can draw more cards, recycle useless ones, and you get value from the graveyard with Discovery or Search for Azcanta.

Speaking of Discovery, it’s slightly better than Chart a Course, as it digs deeper by fueling Search for Azcanta and you have Chemister’s Insight to recycle dead cards in the wrong matchup.

You are able to cast Dispersal thanks to Gift of Paradise, and that can get you out of some messes, as you might be able to bounce a Conclave Tribunal end of turn to unlock your Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.

I decided to run Uncomfortable Chill over Blinding Fog, as having a cycle effect like Haze of Pollen is very important in the right matchup and Uncomfortable Chill will be a Fog with a bonus most of the time.

Now let’s go into the sideboard, and the card I’m most excited about: Dream Eater.

Out of the sideboard, your opponent will try to fight your plan with cards like Sorcerous Spyglass or Ixalan’s Binding. Such a versatile threat is very nice in that situation. Also remember that playing a deck with zero creatures in the main deck and then suddenly boarding them in is also effective—it will surprise your opponent if they boarded out all of their removal spells.

Surveil 4 is especially great in this deck, as you’ll get to go deeper to look for your Nexus of Fate or Teferi, Hero of Dominaria to start the chain and win the game.

Knight of Autumn is another insane sideboard card in this deck as it serves two very important purposes: 1) gaining 4 life is huge against the Burn decks 2) a Reclamation Sage effect is very important post-sideboard. You’ll often board in the Knight of Autumn and be extremely happy you did. I was never a fan of Lyra Dawnbringer in the sideboard of Turbofog because of how poor it was against Doomfall, but now that’s no longer the case it’ll be huge versus the red decks. These are just two old decks that will benefit from this powerful mythic rare. I’m sure that Dream Eater can find a home in some other Dimir or Izzet house as well. Let’s explore!

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