The Dominaria Refresher Course

One of the best draft formats in recent yeasr is making a return to Arena on Friday, so we’ve combed the archives to give you all the info you need to crush your opponents, even if you’ve never played the format before!

We’ll start with the set review, Luis Scott-Vargas’s full ranking of every card in the set for Limited, by color.







To give you some ideas on what to pick in your packs, Ben Stark covered a series of What’s the Pick piecces, this is a pretty good example!

Wondering why people love the format? Mike Sigrist went into detail about just what makes Dominaria so good here.

If you’re confused about what to take in your packs, having a tab with Frank Karsten’s Pick Order open is my secret tech when I’m learning a new format.

Gabriel Nassif looks at some of the under and overrated cards in the set, to help you find the sleepers and avoid traps.

PVDDR has some learnings from GP Dallas 2018 to give you some insight from a large event.

Finally, Brian DeMars wrote a great recap of the format in late 2018, so you’ll see where it ended up by the time the next set arrived.

Now go forth and conquer your drafts!


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