Dominaria Draft Archetype Guide: B/G Saprolings

Dominaria Draft is driven by archetypes. Card values change based on which colors you are drafting and what your deck is trying to do. One of the main reasons I love this format is because you can put together a good deck in almost every color combination. I believe B/G Saprolings to be the best deck, and I see no reason not to start at the top. Since I haven’t written one of these for a while, let me remind you that pick orders listed are not for pick 1 pack 1 but for once you are established in this archetype.

B/G Saps is about making a lot of small creatures, then using them to win the game. You will rarely be able to swarm the opponent for the win, even if you cast two kicked Migrations. The point of making a lot of 1/1s is to then cash them in for value. Since they do clog up the board, they make it very tough for your opponent to kill you on the ground before you can cash them in for enough value to win the game. This deck revolves around the best Saproling makers and the best payoffs.

Removal is good because you don’t need all of your cards to synergize, and this deck doesn’t really need to hit a critical mass. You just want to remove board-dominating cards while cashing in Saprolings for value. You don’t need good ground blockers, because the Fungi and Saprolings take care of that for you. The deck is slow, though, so defense against flyers is valuable.

I won’t list cards like Belzenlock or Multani in my pick order. They are good first picks if you have this deck because they are broken cards, but they are not better in G/B Saprolings than in other green or black decks. I will list cards like Song, because it’s substantially better in this deck than in some other green decks like U/G value or R/G kicker, even though it’s still a good card and possibly a first pick for those decks. I will also list all of the commons I actively look for because you will frequently be faced with picks like Eviscerate or Saproling Migration.

That means if a green or black common isn’t listed, it’s filler at best for this deck and if you have enough cards without it, you probably want to cut it. For this deck, you want a combination of cards that make Saprolings and cards that give you value with them. While, for example, I think Migration is a little better than Omnivore, if I have two Yavimaya Sapherds and no Omnivores or Wild Onslaughts, then I would take Omnivore over Migration. You are looking for a good mix of Saproling production and the ability to gain value.


I usually start with one copy of Soul Salvage, Pierce the Sky, and Dark Bargain in this deck and am happy with them. Sometimes I play two of them, especially Dark Bargain, but all three of these cards get worse in multiples, so the second copy I would consider more filler than an optimal card. No, I didn’t forget Ancient Animus. Sometimes I play one, but it’s highly situational and I consider it filler in a nice Saproling deck that doesn’t have many real bodies but makes boatloads of 1/1s.

I do not like to start one copy of Broken Bond in this deck, but it’s still a good sideboard card. If you are on pace to have enough playables then I would draft it over the bottom four or five cards on this list.

Uncommons, Rares, and Mythics

As your deck gets better and better, you can take cards from toward the top of these lists over removal. Pack 3, if I have a lot of great Saproling production and a few removal spells already, then I would take Thallid Omnivore over Eviscerate, and if I have multiple Omnivores, Wild Onslaughts, or Songs, then I would take Saproling Migration over Vicious Offering. One of this deck’s biggest strengths is that it’s not an all-in combo deck, so if you don’t get a ton of Sap synergy you can still have a nice green-black deck. As you get more and more Saproling cards, all the synergy effects become better and better.

So now you’re ready to draft the best archetype in the format. Next week, I’ll write about the second-best Draft deck in Dominaria: U/R Wizards.


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