Deck of the Day: White Weenie (Modern)

This deck managed to take its pilot to within one game of qualification for the MOCS. It was played by Pro Tour Champion Craig Wescoe, so you already know what it is!

White Weenie isn’t always the best deck. It isn’t always even a playable deck, but you can be sure Wescoe is going to be playing something like it. And you can be sure that he’s going to have one of the best versions you can build, so if you’re interested in the archetype, you should pay attention to his choices.

One of the biggest issues I have with decks like these is how much better they are with draws that include a turn-1 Aether Vial than with the hands that don’t. Vial gives you what amounts to a ton of free mana throughout the game. You’re going to be able to play important creatures at instant speed, and play around countermagic. When you don’t have a Vial, you’re playing an even more fair version of Magic than what White Weenie would typically be playing. With it, you’re often fighting on another level.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is the most powerful creature against a variety of strategies in Modern. Many decks play a low land count, and this is a great way to punish them. A 2/1 first strike creature for 2 is already a reasonable rate and can block effectively against a number of creatures in the format.

Leonin Arbiter is a great way to punish the many shuffle effects in the format, mainly fetchlands. This is a powerful weapon against decks like Scapeshift and will often slow people down enough to let you deal serious damage with your little creatures. It’s also a combo with Ghost Quarter to turn them into Strip Mines, or with Path to Exile to turn it into the best removal spell ever printed.

Blade Splicer and Thraben Inspector are your value creatures. Their enters-the-battlefield triggers give you staying power.


That staying power is compounded by Flickerwisps and Restoration Angels. Not only are these 3-power flying creatures for a reasonable price, but you’re getting extra value on the way down. Kor Skyfisher even makes an appearance as a way to bounce your creatures for value, but both Skyfisher and Flickerwisp become incredible combos with Aether Vial to function at instant speed.

Serra Avenger is an incredibly cheap and efficient beatdown machine that loves working with Aether Vial.

Honor of the Pure is a 2-mana Gideon emblem in your mono-white deck. It may not pump your Blade Splicer Golems, but everything else gets a nice bump at a cheap price.

I’m certainly not the person to tell you that White Weenie is the best deck in any format, but I would turn to the latest list Wescoe has played if I’m taking it into battle. You can be sure that this list has the best possible tools to fight the good fight in a crazy Modern format!

White Weenie

NACATLS4LIFE, 2nd place in a Modern MOCS Playoff

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