Deck of the Day: White Humans (Frontier)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Tom Ross over the past several years, it’s that a deck full of cheap threats and a crazy low land count can go under just about anyone. This means you’re going to need lots of cheap threats, ways to navigate on a low land count, and powerful ways to pump your creatures. Some solid removal spells never hurt, either.

White Humans have seen a number of strong options printed over the past couple years. At the top of the list is Town Gossipmonger. You can control when you flip this thing and are ready to get aggressive, but a 2/3 creature for 1 mana that pumps and gets pumped by Human synergies has proven itself to be the most important of the aggressive creatures lately.

Thraben Inspector provides something totally different for aggressive decks. Not only do you get the Human synergies, but you’re getting a reasonably sized creature for 1 mana and a replacement card. The fact that this thing is still useful on turn 6 speaks volumes to what a deck like this is able to do.

A 1-mana planeswalker is nothing to laugh at, and a deck full of 1-drops can turn Kytheon, Hero of Akros into exactly that on turn 3. From there, you have a threat that’s resilient to sweepers and that can take over the game on its own. You’re also getting a 2/1 Human creature for 1, which you’re already in the market for.


Proof of that comes from Dragon Hunter, Expedition Envoy, and Mardu Woe-Reaper. They all have some marginal value besides their 2/1 bodies for 1 mana, but they aren’t relevant. Woe-Reaper can come in handy, and maybe protection from Dragons is relevant every once in a while, but these are just 1-drops 12-23 to flood the board early.

Getting away with 18 lands is made much easier by Knight of the White Orchid. You never need more than 3 mana in this deck realistically, and getting to 2 will often get you there.

Thalia’s Lieutenant has been and will continue to be the payoff for focusing on Human creatures. Flooding the board with 2/1s isn’t always the most exciting strategy, but being able to pump every creature you have will make them all formidable threats. The fact that Lieutenant can come out early and not lose much value makes this card the reason Humans decks exist.

Always Watching will pump your team and combos especially well with creatures like Town Gossipmonger. Getting to play both offense and defense with an enormous team is tough to beat.

A new addition to the archetype comes in Abzan Falconer. While it can only pump itself, your creatures tend to get counters on them thanks to Thalia’s Lieutenant. Sending them all to the sky is unpredictable and lethal.

Declaration in Stone closes out the deck as an efficient removal spell. In a deck with 23 one-drops, your opponents won’t even have the time to cash in those Clues, making this a premium removal spell.

There are a lot of strategies to contend with in Frontier, but this is a choice one for those who enjoy aggro strategies. This is also a much more budget-friendly deck, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

White Humans

Andrew Wysocki, 4-0 in a Thursday Night Frontier NM


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