Deck of the Day – WB Midrange

The WB shell is one of the strongest in Standard. Seeker of the Way and Monastery Mentor are cheap creatures with big upsides, thanks to the bonuses they get from prowess. The right way to build around them is up for debate, but a midrange approach has a number of merits.


Playing an early creature and riding it to victory is the name of the game. This puts a powerful removal suite at a premium. The full 4 copies of Silkwrap and Stasis Snare can remove many opposing creatures, and even get around the downsides of killing popular cards like Deathmist Raptor and Matter Reshaper. The exile ability allows you to play Wasteland Stranglers as an efficient 2-for-1, as well.


Duress helps clear the way before your first creature comes down, or takes out a big spell the turn after. 1 mana to trigger prowess is a huge benefit for decks like this. Read the Bones is another key card to keep up the curve and the pressure.

I love main-deck Hallowed Moonlight. Rally players don’t expect it and it can win the game by exiling the entire graveyard. A 2-mana Dismiss or Cryptic Command on Collected Company, one of the best cards in Standard, is pretty nice as well. For only 2 mana and as an instant-speed way to trigger prowess, Moonlight is a nice surprise.

One unusual choice that I haven’t seen much of in Standard is Linvala, the Preserver. One of the best mythic rares in Limited, Linvala hasn’t found much of a home. If your Seeker of the Ways die, your life total can be a problem, especially when resolving cards like Read the Bones. Without all the typical token-generating cards of WB, the chances to trigger Linvala for an extra Angel go up.

The recipe for success of cheap and powerful creatures backed up by removal and disruption is tried and true. White/black is one of the best ways to utilize those strengths in the Standard metagame!

White/Black Midrange

5th place in an MTGO Standard Daily


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